Why Enough is Enough – FOUR Dirty Secrets In Internet Marketing You Should Avoid!


The Internet is the most powerful tool ever invented. This amazing tool can be used to communicate and share information with billions of people the world over without regard to the barriers of space and time. Physical barriers such as mountains, vast distances and even the wide oceans do not affect the internet’s ability to connect with people wherever they are.

This ability of the Internet has led to Internet Marketing and it’s a huge and successful niche on its own. One aspect of it is known as Network Marketing. It is also called Multilevel Marketing or MLM for short. Whatever you choose to call it, the underlying idea is basic: You start from home with a small capital and less risks as compared with the traditional “brick and mortar” business. It can be run part-time while you are keeping your “day job” or it can be done full time. These comparative advantages have made Internet Marketing very hugely popular but wait a minute! Is the Internet Marketing Field a level playing ground for everybody?

In the Internet Marketing Niche, there are exactly two classes of people. There are first of all, those who are called the “Marketing Gurus” and secondly, those who are not. For want of a better word, this second group are called “Newbies”. The first class feed fat on the second class, who happen to be in the majority. In terms of figures, the gurus form just 5% of the total number of marketers online while the non gurus are 95%. Many newbies never cross the line to the gurus’ class just like the plebeians of ancient Rome.

It is important, therefore, to advice these beginners to watch some of the tactics and tricks targeted at them.

Dirty Secret #1
Network Marketing is so unique in that it is the only business being marketed to the general public on an unprecedented massive scale. The hype is that one can jump in without any preparation and be earning 6-figure income in 6 months. This is a myth and the dirty secret #1 which one should avoid like the plague. This hype is so well established that 95% of online marketers are led in without any sound foundation in marketing or effective sales techniques. The annoying part is that these messy hype, misconceptions, falsehoods and shameful lies are replicated from one sponsor to another.

Dirty Secret #2
The second shameful dirty secret targets the innate laziness in man… or woman, for that matter! As soon as you land on the website what greets you are the words, “No selling or recruitment required. Just sign below, we’ll build your downlines for you.” Just ask yourself if no selling is required on your part except your name and email address, then why are they interested in you?

Dirty Secret #3
What is your motivation to doing business online? To make Money? That’s what we are always driven to. Making Money is not a good motivation. Your Internet business plan should rather focus on fulfilling the customers’ needs. Ironically, Money goes to those who first have the desire to serve, and those who give before receiving. Do you know why the whole world is repeating Zig Ziglar’s everlasting dictum, “You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want”? Because it is true. Period!

Dirty Secret #4
Newbies usually lack the ability to drive targeted traffic to their websites. What happens? They fall prey to traffic scams that actually suck away their valuable time and money. We have seen it many times over: “One million visitors for $97” Avoid this dirty trick because the traffic sold to you is not targeted. Moreover robots can even generate fake hits to your website to create the impression that what you paid for has been delivered.
Sound Advice: Generate your own targeted traffic.

In summary, it must be said that being online as a beginner should not be so difficult provided we keep our focus and carefully weigh all the ooportunities that are being dangled across your eyes. Most of them are scams and meant to distract our attention from your main goals.

I have listed here only 4 of the many dirty scams there are; what you should do next is simple.
Go to the Market Leader to learn more and follow the system that will help you do a clean business online.

Anthony Kpodo is a full time Online Marketer with interest in educating, list building and advicing. Having been in the shoes of the newbie, his main interest to help people avoid such situations.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anthony_Kpodo

Anthony Kpodo, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

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