Website Traffic: Three Essential Facts To Note!


For your online business to exist and flourish, it is only the blood of website traffic that can nourish it. When you take off traffic your efforts become worthless and fruitless.

What then is website traffic? Website traffic can be classified as visitors, especially active and repeat customers, regularly coming to your website for one reason or another. This traffic can carefully be nurtured to be your in-house list. Owning your own in-house list is the highest goal of any online marketer, because it is an essential ingredient in the recipe to success, especially in the “money making online” niche.

Traffic really means everything to the business, simply because without it there are no leads, nor are there customers and it follows, therefore, there will never be any consistent sales. It is understandable, therefore, for people to struggle to get people to view their websites and/or their promotions and offers. Your great sales page, your wonderful product, or exciting new offer that you just started promoting… is like a single grain of sand in the desert unless you can drive hordes of people to the site.

Trying to get traffic to your website is a real painful and daunting exercise. Many a marketer has fallen to the disaster of losing thousands of dollars chasing the elusive traffic. Some beginners, without much preparation, have jumped onto the services of paid traffic like Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), Banner Advertising and many other advertising services. The consequences have been disastrous in many cases. Some have, in a hurry, bought traffic. Remember, that paid-for traffic is not targeted nor is it free from spam related complaints.

Since website traffic is so essential to the survival of any online business, any obstacle to it must be identified and eliminated root, stock and barrel. Let your efforts not be in vain. Be wary, and eliminate some critical enemies which deepen your pain and frustrate your efforts!

In this post, it is a useful exercise to note three such critical enemies which can do a lot of harm to your attempts to bring and maintain visitors to your website.

Promoting Irrelevant Products: The first enemy to website traffic comes about when website owners refuse or lack the ability to stay focused and relevant to what they originally advertised. That is, promoting products or services without recourse to the original theme or topic in the Squeeze Page is an “enemy within.” For example, if you originally invited people through your squeeze page or emails for lessons or information in “guitar playing,” it will be unwise to send them to a website in “internet marketing” after probably realizing that there is more money in that.

Poor Quality Content: Information delivery is an essential and highly sought after commodity online. Therefore, the delivery of poor quality content on your website or in your emails is a sure recipe for failure in your attempts at getting website traffic. The solution to this is for you, the website owner, to make it your bounden duty to establish a good relationship and trust without which there can never be repeat visitors and consequently no customers. In furtherance of that, you should take cognizance of the fact that your emails should lead to the establishment of brand value for quality. Subscribers and visitors to your website will faithfully be looking forward to receiving emails from you. If you fail to maintain that trust as a source of well-focused and solid high quality content on your website or in your emails, then all your attempts will end in disastrous failure! Another simple advice is that your emails should be of genuine benefit to your subscribers, because you have to give first before expecting any visitors.

“Cold” Subscriber List: Some website owners fail to contact the subscribers on their list regularly and consistently. Some do so only when they have promotions to do. It is dangerous to let your list remain “cold” because if you have managed to bring some people to your website and have subscribed them to your list and never care about them, it follows that others may never come at all because word of mouth travels fast and far! Create long-lasting relationship with your visitors.

So, to be able to drive many people to your website, try to eliminate the enemies of Irrelevant Products or Services, Poor Quality Content and “Cold” Lists.

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