Website Traffic Building: How To Avoid The Pitfalls!

Having been on the net for some time now, you certainly might have
heard it a million times and for good reason … because it’s true. To most people TRAFFIC is the #1 problem when it comes to internet
marketing! It may also be true that like most people trying to make
money online, you are also probably struggling to get the elusive
traffic you need to make sales.

It does not matter whether you are promoting products as an affiliate, trying to make money with CPA offers, or just trying hard to get people over to your website … it all comes down to traffic.

Traffic is the one ingredient in every successful online business, and the one vital component that will make or break your ability to build a profitable business. But not just any traffic will do. All our marketing efforts should lead to flooding our websites with targeted traffic that are genuinely interested in our offers, and it follows that they will become part of our customer base. It is this relevant, targeted, and active traffic that will power our business and fuel our marketing campaigns.

The question now is, assuming this traffic is flowing about in cyber
space, how do you get your share? That is to say, how do you get people to see your offers? In other words how do you get Traffic to your website?

Well, it is possible to try Google Adwords or any other ad networks,
but the sad news is that you will likely go broke before anything
positive happens. You may even take off to doing endless Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related tasks to get into the search engines From search engine optimization, to pay per click marketing and sponsorship opportunities, there is no shortage of opportunities available to you. These are some of the many different ways to generate traffic to your website.

The World Wide Web is about high level quality content and information. The advances of technology will never negate this. Therefore, to succeed in this particular industry, your key is delivering value, as perceived by your target customers; in other words you must give people what they are pursuing. It is imperative that your customers should benefit from the content they receive from you.

In your feverish attempt to bring more traffic to your site, you may
make certain FATAL Mistakes That You Absolutely Must Avoid At All Costs! Let us look at just a few of these pitfalls.

Get TARGETED traffic!
Many marketers believe that they should focus all their marketing
efforts on increasing the number of unique visitors so much so that
they forget or are unable to measure or monitor the ratio between
unique visitors and sales. It is through the monitoring of this ratio
that you can establish whether you are getting the right kind of
targeted traffic. This monitoring tells you which visitors are really
interested in the solutions you have on offer. These are the visitors
that are able and willing to spend money.
The bottom line, therefore, is “don’t fall for the quantity trap.” You should rather focus on QUALITY.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket:
Diversify your advertising campaigns. Trends in advertising may come
and go. For example, Google may change their algorithms, your position on page #1 may be relegated to page #89 and you lose many visitors to your site.

Track Your Campaigns
The favorite quote of John Reese is relevant here. He says, “The single biggest mistake I see online, and have seen for many years, regardless of the strategy being used, is one simple thing … POOR TRACKING!”-John Reese
The above quote speaks eloquently for itself. You save a lot of time
and money by eliminating unprofitable advertising. You can only know
which campaign is working if only you track the origin of every single dollar you make.

Don’t Buy Traffic.
You are buying this traffic in order to email those on the list. E-Mail marketing as is well known is an important part of Internet Marketing. The norm in E-Mail marketing is to send e-mails only to people who have expressely opted for e-mails from you. It is dangerous, therefore, to purchase traffic because the traffic you purchase will not only be generic but also untargeted and rehashed. Moreover, you may likely be liable for spam complaints from some of them. Even one complaint can lead to your ISP cutting you off. And what becomes of your whole business?

It is now time to find out how you can instantly minimize or totally
eliminate “lost opportunities” of getting quality targeted traffic to
your website. Find out exactly what the “gurus” do to ensure that every campaign runs at full speed! This is your opportunity.

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