Website Traffic: 5 Proven Strategies To Improve It!


Website Traffic: Five Proven Strategies to Increase It!

In the Make Money Online niche, wealth is made through Traffic. In fact, the many ebooks that you will see or read on Traffic are overwhelming. This shows the importance of the word “Traffic” in online business. But what is Traffic? Simply put Traffic is just the number of people who visit your website.

At every turn, whether veteran or newbie you need traffic to your website to survive. Why? Becauseit is the traffic you nurture into customers – the ultimate aim of every online marketer. That being so, let us look at five strategies you can use to send a lot of traffic to your website. These five methods are proven to generate traffic to your site as well as generating income for you.

1. Offer a Freebie. What is free appeals to everyone. The word “free” appears many many times online. If it is free people will take it. Send your mind to offline grocery stores and think about all the samples of cheese given away at these grocery stores. Do you really want a small piece of cheese? Probably not! But you take it anyway simply because it is free and someone is nice enough to offer it to you. This same principle applies with equal force online where information or services offered are free from your website. You can send out free newsletters, free email courses, or offer a free trial period. Some popular items being given away now are free ebooks, videos, software etc. These freebies are what the veterans in the industry refer to as “teasers” or “ethical bribe.” After taking the freebie, the taker accepts to receive other pieces of information from the website owner. In the course of giving out the relevant informarion, you, the website owner, can cleverly slip in commercial emails which could yield substasntial amounts of profit. So a simple process of giving out a freebie could generate an effective way to get an endless transmission of information to your potential customers, create sales or generate traffic to your site.

2. Provide Useful Information. The next effective strategy is to fill your website with great and valuable content or free information about a service or a product that you are very knowledgeable about. You can generate traffic to your site by writing articles in your area of expertise and having them published in an ezine or an article information site or directory. Submitting to directories is often free and can be very effective in generating links back to your site. Though the articles you write are sent to the Article Directories for free, you are allowed to include a byline or Resource Box in which you direct people back to your website to read or discover more of your expertise. It is one of the most effective ways to proclaim your credentials and readers will come to know you as an expert on a particular topic. This generates trust that your site is a source of credible information.

3. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Programs. Some search engines allow a website owner to purchase ads. This is an excellent Internet marketing technique in that it is effective because those who visit your website are really the interested ones. In other words, they are targeted. In the pay-per-click programs, you are billed only for actual clicks on your ad. Though this is a very effective strategy, it is a slippery ground and one should thread cautiously here.

4. Network with Other Internet Marketers. Remember that there are many other individuals out there trying to succeed in this business as well. You can choose to network with those who have similar marketing ideas. When networking, you share links and refer customers to each other. Howver you should always be very careful when choosing a networking partner since everything that you recommend is a reflection of yourself or your product. Therefore, be certain that your networking partner is a reputable source of information. Know something about the other person’s product or service offered by reading, listening to, or by actually using it.

5. Utilize Offline Sources of Advertising. Even though your website is online, you can still do with advertising in Newspapers, on TV or the Radio. You can send out a press release to get your information to thousands of people all over the country. Pass out flyers and postcards in your neighborhood. Use your imagination to find unique ways of letting the public know about your product or service. Utilize any or all of the above strategies.

These five strategies will ensure your internet marketing success when used consistently.

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