Traffic Generation Online: The Steak And The Vegetarian …

The question has often been asked, “I have done everything possible to send traffic to my website but nothing is being shown for my streneuos efforts; what am I doing wrong?” Such a queation is at the core of online traffic generation to one’s site.

How can you go about it in order to achieve results? In this short article, therefore, let us look at a few steps that you can take to eliminate some of the frustrations.

First, stop marketing your primary opportunity up front. Why? Simple answer: You may be selling steak to vegetarians! The first thing you should be doing is to try to be part of the solution and not complicate other people’s problems by giving them company replicated websites which are viewed as part of the problem. Doing that is equivalent to selling steak to a vegetarian. No matter how great your steak may be, to the vegetarian it is junk food. You will never see any success in that venture.What you should do then is to put your offers or your links in front of people who are on the look out for information providing solutions to their problems. These are the prospects who are known in the industry as”targeted.”

Focus your attention on the people who are struggling; identify their struggles and help to provide solutions. These are the type of people who will willingly visit your website and join your team and thus become your lead. So find people who are looking for solution and chances are that it will be much easier with generating traffic to your website.

How Do You Do It?

One of the ways that has been proved to be most effective is to use what’s called a “namesqueeze” or a “Lead Capture Page.”  This same web page is better known as the, “The Squeeze Page.” This is so called because that page does nothing but to “squeeze” out the visitors’ vital information and convince them to click the “subscribe” button.

It is a mini sales letter and as such it needs all the same components of a sales letter. You must therefore use real copywriting techniques that you would use when selling something, even though no money will change hands in this case. Remember however, that the real truth is that these visitors to your site are paying you by giving you the opportunity to contact them again and again. So do not treat the squeeze page which is the gateway to your website lightly.

As a sales letter, these essential ingredients must necessarily be found on your squeeze page:

* An Effective Attention Grabbing Headline
* Bullet Points to Create Value and Curiosity.
* A Strong Call-to-Action

And since you are trying to solve their problems, it is imperative that you make a good case why they should believe that you can solve their problems if they give you their particulars on your squeeze page.

Now you’ve got their attention. in other words you have found the non vegetarians; you can now offer your steak as an incentive or “ethical bribe” as some marketers call it. It could be:

* A free subscription to your email newsletter, but note that this strategy has long past its effectiveness
* A Free report or an ebook is useful thing to do or you can offer a
* Webinar or audio recordings or
* A Software or other time saving tools or even
* A Free access to a membership site

You must make sure you deliver real value with these freebies and most of all you have to create a great desire within your prospects that this a steal which they must possess at all costs. The greater the desire you create, the higher the conversions you will see.

What ends your lead capture system is known as an autoresponder. This is the system which automates your series of follow up letters to your newly captured lead. This is perhaps the first requirement since you need it to be able to collect the subscribers’ particulars.

The “magic” autoresponder will handle all the initial contact with new subscribers on your behalf even while you are asleep.

If you really want an easy and fast way to draw traffic to your website, i have one great List Building Free Software which you can give out to entice your prospects into your autoresponder.

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