Traffic Generation: #1 Strategy!

Traffic generation strategies have filled volumes of books, videos, audios etc. But the basic strategies are simple; In this post let us take a close look at just Two.

#1 Strategy: The Subject Headline

You, and all of us online receive many, many emails a day. How then can you get your emails opened by your prospects or downlines? The first thing to tackle seriously is the headline. That is the Gate Opener.You indeed have to write a subject line that stands out.

This does not mean that you have to use expletives. That will get your prospective readers kicking you out of most sites.

In all Seriousness, your subject line:

  • should offer a clue about what you are promoting.
  • It should also entice your reader to open the email.
  • That does not invite you to write Silly and outlandish claims of the “get rich quick type.”
  • As a rule of thumb,just ask yourself “would I open that email if it is addressed to me?”
    Be guided, therefore that if it will not work on you it won’t
    work on anyone else either.
  • Finally if you are stuck, just take a look at the emails other people
    send you. You may adopt and adapt those ones that entice you the
    most. All you do then is just change them up to suit what you’re

Strategy #2: Avoid Writing Novels:

If you are in the habit of writing a novel every time you send a solo email, be adviced to stop it!

The fact is that some people think that describing all the details about a product or service will actually enable people to buy or join you.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Many people will not take the time to read
long sales letters. Describing the opportunity is the job of the product owners on their Sales Pages.

Your email body should be:

  • Short and sweet.
  • It should Entice the reader to want to learn more.
  • Most important of all, your email should get them to click the link in the email. That is the time they are taken to the sales page which does best what it is meant to do.
  • In summary, therefore, your email body should tell the reader a little about the opportunity, then entice them to want to see more.
  • You should therefore Offer something they want or need.
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