Traffic Exchanges: How To Use Them To Generate Traffic!!

When we talk of free traffic to a website, one underused traffic generation strategy which many people overlook, and/or underrate, is Traffic Exchanges. But What is a Traffic Exchange?

A Traffic Exchange in simple terms is a form of website promotion online which is done in a barter related form i.e. a service for a service. In this kind of website promotion, you are required to view random websites, and in return someone views your website. That is to say you will be shown promotional pages from other members and in return, other people who have registered with that same Traffic Exchange will be shown your promotional page. Therefore, the more pages you look at, the more visitors will be sent to your page.

How Does the Traffic Exchange Work?
Traffic Exchange is a free to join program, though there are options to upgrade to paid memberships. These paid memberships come with added benefits which may include partnerships to sell and promote services and products of that exchange while at the same time promoting your own services and/or products. Other benefits of paid member status are shorter view times and higher ratio per view. For example, whereas a paid or upgraded member may have a shorter view time of say, 6 seconds and a ratio of 1 page to an equal 1 page reciprocal view, a Free member may have a longer view time of say, 10 seconds per view and a ratio of 3 pages for 1 page view of their own site.

There are countless numbers of Traffic Exchanges such that so many pages are viewed on daily basis. In such circumstances, one might imagine that most exchange members should enjoy a considerable degree of success, but only very few do so. Why do so many fail to derive maximum benefits from Traffic Exchanges? A diagnoses of the failure has registered quite some significant causes.

The first mistake most people make is that they use traffic exchange programs to try to sell products or services. It has been proved beyond all reaonable doubt that those using traffic exchanges are not interested in buying anything, nor are they looking for another program to join. They are rather surfing the traffic exchanges to earn credits to enable them promote their own programs. The remedy, therefore, is to show the other surfers a squeeze page with a free and a valuable offer which they can hardly resist to sign for. In this way, and granting that your free offer is perceived to be valuable enough, you will have targeted visitors signing up for your list. It is an easy way of generating a huge subscriber list. After having managed to get them onto your list, you can now redirect them to your website through a series of follow up email messages.

Another major failure on the part of users of Traffic Exchanges is the “do it alone attitude.” By this, surfers do not surf alone but also surf one traffic exchange at a time. The cure to this is to surf at least five exchanges simultaneously. You gain time tremendously because each exchange takes time to load. While it is doing so you are at the other exchange. By the time you return to the first one it is ready waiting for for you to click which you quickly do and move on.

The second cure is to recruit other people to sign up for the same traffic exchange through your link. In this case, there comes an added benefit of bonus page views for your promotional materials based on the number of times those you have recruited use the traffic exchange in question. Consequently, with a bit of work and a well targeted free offer, it is possible to build up an ever increasing stream of targeted free visitors who will grab your offer and sign up to your list.

Furthermore, to use Traffic Excahnges to your benefit, the strategy is simple. Use traffic exchanges in association with a squeeze page that has an attractive offer, quite a unique one. With that, you can very quickly generate dozens of new mailing list signups every day. To add an icing on the cake, the best way is to get Success With Traffic Exchanges. And you can get that here

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