Traffic Exchanges: Do They Really Bring Traffic?

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange as we have seen
here is a magnificent, unique traffic generation program. Its role is to enable you to drive semi-targeted traffic to your website, blog, affiliate link, referral link, business opportunity, or anything else that you would like to drive traffic to.

How Do Traffic Exchanges Work?
Traffic exchanges work in a simple, credit based system in which One credit equates to one visitor to your website.
These credits are earned in one of two ways:

1) In the first insistence credits can be earned by means of “surfing” for credits, in which case “Surfing” refers merely to the task of viewing other people’s websites.

The accepted norm in most traffic exchanges is that when you view
another person’s website, you generally get a fraction of a credit, something like 0.33 credits, or one-third of a credit, for “surfing”
one page at most top rated traffic exchanges. That is to say, viewing
three sites earns you a single credit. This is known as “surf ratio”, or the number of sites you have to view before you earn a single credit. The surf ratio in most top rated traffic exchanges is a 3:1 (three to one.)

2) The second way to earn credits is to pay for the credits for a nominal fee.

All things considered, traffic exchanges have been found to be one of the cheapest methods of directing traffic to your site, especially those in the “make money online” niche. Therefore as there are many excellent traffic exchanges out there, every Internet marketer should make it a point to consider adding this quick and easy online promotion method to their marketing arsenal. But the most important thing is that such marketers should understand how to make traffic exchanges work in their favor.

There are 3 main steps that are needed to create a successful traffic exchange experience.

1.You should not sell but rather Build!
It has been noticed that at the traffic exchanges, some people try to
sell a product to others in 20 seconds. This is a recipe for failure.
If you do that, you will not gain anything from the traffic exchanges. What you have to do is to forget your products, do get rid of your affiliate links, and also get rid of your long sales pages, and most of all get rid of the videos because with most exchanges you have between 6 and 20 seconds to get the surfer to take action. This simply means that they cannot make a purchase, nor are they going to have the time to read a long sales page, and how can they have the time to listen to a 30 second video!

However, you can entice them to join your mailing list, for which they have the time. Now, if they are on your list, you also have all the time you need to make a sale or refer them to the sales page at another website. Therefore, use Splash pages, which have proven to be much more effective than traditional landing pages for the simple reason that they load extremely quickly and instantly get to the point.

To make the splash page more effective, let the following be your
You should be as minimalistic as possible. This is meant to ensure a fast loading time, because with only 20 seconds alloted to your page, it is not advisable to use a page that takes 5 or 10 seconds to load.

Your page should have an eye-catching heading, with about 4-7 bullet points giving reasons why they should join your list, and your opt-in form preferably above the fold.

Best of all, give away something (e.g ebooks, software etc) to further enhance your enticement to enable a surfer to opt-in up to your list.

In order to be more successful with traffic exchanges, upgrading
at the various traffic exchanges is a sensible option. Normally
upgrades come with not only more credits to work with, but also shorter viewing time and other enhanced features to your benefit.

3. Create Downlines:
Most traffic exchanges allow you to recruit downlines, commonly known as referrals. The advantage to you here is that you will receive credits based on a proportion of what each member of your downlines has surfed. If you manage to build a large enough downline, you may no longer need to do any surfing because your downlines may generate enough credits for you to use.

In short, traffic exchanges are not ineffective if only you use them
properly. It has been established that they can in fact be an excellent method of building a list. Therefore try to use exchanges as a list building tool and not a sales tool. All you have to do is create a splash page to build a list and then follow up with cross-promotion of other exchanges to your list in order to build a giant army of downlines.

Since the kingpin of your success with traffic exchanges is your splash page, Would you like to build a “sweet and sexy” Grab Your Customer By The Eyeballs Type Of Splash Page to capture visitors to form your own marketing list? You might want to look at:

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