The Squeeze Page: Six Pitfalls You Want To Avoid!


The Squeeze page is an indispensable tool in the course of building your important in-house list. It is important, therefore, we take another look at it. I have thus reproduced below another of my articles submitted to

In the Make Money Online niche of Internet Marketing, marketing gurus of all levels of experience and credibility continue to repeat the mantra that, “The money is in the List.” And guess what, it is the absolute truth. The simple reason is that if you do not have your own in-house list, there is no one to market to. This means that there are no sales and therefore the business of making money flops ab initio. On the World Wide Web, traffic runs at an incredible speed. To compile that all important list, you have to force the traffic to stop and visit your website to review what you have there and join you. What is used to arrest the reader within that 10 split second period when they are at your site is an important tool called the “Squeeze Page.” It is synonymous to the “Lead Capture Page” or “Opt-In Box.” A squeeze page is a web page with only one aim: to sign up people onto your list by collecting their names and email addresses.

The Squeeze page is so important that to be able to create wealth online, you have to concentrate all your marketing efforts at directing people to your squeeze page, where you can collect their names and email addresses. It is only then that you can convince them to buy the products that you recommend. It is a proven and known fact that most people will purchase a product on the 5th or 6th or even the 7th time of exposure to it. And that is the reason why a good Squeeze Page is so important. If you are not building a list, you will just have one contact with each prospect. On that single occasional visit, can you convince them that you are knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and have a great product that is fairly priced? That will be too much to ask of a sales page in one visit. A much easier (and more profitable) way to create wealth with your online business is by using a Squeeze Page to build a list. Having captured their contact details, you can email them information and free reports on a regular basis. Through these regular contacts, they will come to regard you as a person who is knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. Then you can now intermix your regular mailings with offers for products.

A good squeeze page plays an important role in the marketing effort. Conservatively, your squeeze page should convert into subscribers at least 30% of the traffic that visits your website. If your squeeze page is not converting much, it is a signal to you to avoid such a squeeze page. There are many of such squeeze pages to avoid and they come in one or a combination of the following factors. Here are 6 pitfalls that you should avoid in the making of your squeeze page!

It is not above the fold. This means that the information on the squeeze cannot be read at a go but rather the page demands the use of the mouse to scroll down.

There is low quality or no offer as a give away to entice people to release their contact details.

The headline is not arresting enough. In other words it is not attention-grabbing to stop the reader to read more and consequently respond to “the call to action.”

The “what is in it for me” is not spelt out in specific benefit-rich bullet points to convince the prospects to surrender their well guarded contact details.

Are there more choices than to opt-in? Or the submit button is not written with an action phrase in their point of view such as “send my FREE Report” or “FREE Instant Access Now!” Words like, “Subscribe ” should be avoided in the Squeeze page.

Lack of privacy statement should also be avoided. In other words, a good squeeze page should assure prospects that their email addresses will not be available to third parties

So to make your squeeze page to convert positively, make yours with quality offers that are so good that your visitors have no option than to give their details to grab it, or the headline is attention-grabbing, and there is a privacy statement and it is above the fold.

So the long-term winning recipe to create wealth through your online business is in your list. To create that list, there must be first, a converting squeeze page and secondly a good Autoresponder.

Did you know that some people try to build their in-house list with the faulty Squeeze pages and fail disastrously? Lift up yourself and your business with the correct tools. To be able to build your list, first bring the Traffic to your site! Get the knowhow. With both hands, Gracefully grab this FREE Report!
Responsive Traffic Secrets

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