The Squeeze Page 6 Fundamental Tips For Your Success!


The Squeeze page is a very essential step in the overall strategy of any online marketer. It is said that some pay hefty sums upwards of 25,000 odd dollars to have a squeeze page developed for them. And the average cost of a squeeze page is about 5,000 dollars. If there is one thing that you can invest in when it comes to your online marketing efforts, it should very well be the squeeze page which is also called the landing page or lead capture page or even the Power page. To make an effective one is an investment worth considering because it will allow you to earn back your investment very quickly and drive into the profiting zone.

The Squeeze page is basically a one-page website that offers you something in exchange for filling in your contact details. The main purpose is to capture the contact details of the visitor; that is why it is also called a lead capture page. How do you extract a visitor’s contact details in the cyber world of scams and hype? It is that simple. Offer them free of charge something of value that they will resist passing up. To do this successfully, here are some tips which are worthy of consideration.

•You must be very much in-tune with your target market so that you can pinpoint their needs and make it very easy for them to hand over their email addresses to you. Obviously, the better the product you offer, the better the results you will get with follow-up and sales from the leads your page captures.

•Design the squeeze page so that the visitor has no other choice than be compelled to take a very specific action. To make it really effective it is imperative that it should have a catchy headline. The headline is such an important factor that it needs further emphasis. It’s been said that you have eight seconds at the most to capture your visitor’s attention. If your headline doesn’t do that, then the rest of the content on the page is pretty much useless. It should be kept in mind that the headline does not have to be “hypey”, but it does need to be compelling. Also, you don’t have to put the features of the product or service you are offering in the headline. Rather, you should tell the visitors why they must have whatever it is you are offering, so speak in terms of benefits to them. Most squeeze page headlines are in red.

•In addition to the catchy headline, add also a story or some content that immediately catches the interest of the visitor, examples of how the product or service is helping others, testimonials, and the bonuses the visitors will get if they take the action you desire. This is to further convince your visitor that what you are offering is not to be passed up. By the end of the squeeze page, they should feel that they are going to be getting a tremendous deal just by giving you their contact information.

•There must be no navigating on the squeeze page. Your visitor must just follow it through and take your desired action.

•To prevent them from leaving the site without the necessary action, some squeeze pages have pop-up windows incorporated to invite you back to the page by promising you a discount, an extra bonus, or some other benefits that the visitor will have a hard time passing up.

•You also must make sure that the visitor knows that there are limited items of whatever you are offering on your squeeze page, or that the price will be going up soon, or both. If you don’t give them a deadline, they will often just think that they will come back to it later, but the chances are that they will never do.

Do you need the contact details of visitors to your website? Yes, certainly. Because this is the only way to create a contact list of customers and potential customers that you can begin to establish a relationship with, and hopefully maintain that relationship far into the future.

To be able to compile this contact list, you need to have an autoresponder so that you can insert a form into your lead capture page. There are many auto-responders to choose from but then visit this website for a free update concerning the leaders in the industry.

Email Marketing

No matter how good your Squeeze Page is, your efforts at creating an in-house list will be fruitless unless you have an autoresponder. Your online business is assured with the leader in the autoresponder industry. Visit the site below where you will be gracefully led to your major autoresponder and the benefits to be derived therefrom.

Email Marketing

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