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The goal of every website owner on the internet is to get traffic to the site, and the more they get the better. The internet as we know it now is so huge that there are more pages on the internet than people on the planet. How can you get hits and a flow of traffic to your solitary page which is like just a grain of sand on the shore. Even if your page is for general interest or fun, your goals are never met without traffic! If your website is in the Make Money Online niche, it is literally a case of have traffic or have your business die. It doesn’t mattter if you have the best website site, with great content, fantastic pictures, audio, video and a multimedia experience better than disneyland, if no one comes, it is for naught.

The internet has grown big to the extent that the old notion that, “if you build it they will come”, no longer applies. They won’t, and that is the hard fact. Google has about 8 billion pages indexed on the net and its growing everyday. If you create a new site your chance of having a visitor just stumbling on your site is about the same as winning the lottery. How then do we change the game so that people can at least appreciate the work put into a website, or in the case of a business or affliliate website visit to make a decision to buy? The following are some of the most common methods.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Basically this means you prepare or optimise your pages with the right keywords in the right places so that the search engines index your page as having great CONTENT in relation to key search words. The simple fact of the matter is that your chance of being on page one of the most popular search terms is next to nil. Therefore one of the first methods of traffic generation is to have a site geared to keywords and content that will draw in search engine traffic which is highly organic and lasting.

Adwords and The Like.

Another method of traffic generation is to buy it. Yahoo, Google, etc sell advertising space. In the case of Google adwords you can pay to have your site on the first page but this can be an expensive proposition, $1 or more per click. Despite the high cost people choose this method because, firstly it brings what is known as ‘targeted traffic’ to your site. The advantage of targetted traffic is that these people are already looking for your exact topic and thus more likely to stay on your site and it results in higher conversion rates and guaranteed traffic. However it is possible for some businesses to survive on google adwords alone for advertising and make a very good turnover on their business products.

Surfing Programs.

Another way to generate hits to your site is to join numerous surfing programs. These will generate HITS to your site. In fact you can buy thousands of hits and get them in a very short space of time but although normally cheap e.g. $9 for 1000 hits, it has a myriad of disadvantages. Firstly you are only advertising to other surf members, many of them are competitors, already in the same programs as you, not really interested in your ad. One advantage, however, is that you can build a downline and contact list from surfing programs. One distinct advantage of most of these programs though is if you build a downline with them the amount of free traffic you get increases. Most programs run for 15-30 seconds and in that 15 seconds period, you’ve got to grab their interest. You can do this by “ethically bribing” them with free offers, like ebooks, software or a few chapters of an ebook.

Longer term methods.

There are other methods which take time to mature and involve greater work on your part; however they can result in great traffic results. One of these is Article Marketing. In this case, Articles submitted to Articles Directories like or The idea is that the submitted articles serve as a magnet for search engines. If your article is content rich and of high quality, and it is published by any of these directories, you will have access to a constant stream of traffic through the attached links. Why do you think I’ve written this article. To generate traffic.

Another long term method is to contact and link to other similar sites. You can do this by partnering with other webmasters to do this or you can create your own sites and link them to one another.

Yet still another long term method is to create an opt-in e-mail list and entice people from your list to visit your ‘great’ site with your ‘unbelievable’ offer.

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