The Squeeze Page: Is It All That Essential In List Building?

The typical Guru will tell you that making money online is easy. They tell you that all you have to do is to create your own in-house list and you are in business. The problem with most people is how to create that list since the gurus keep the “how” to themselves. The building of your list is a serious business and the squeeze page is where it all begins. It is so fundamental that it can be said to be the foundation stone on which you put up your list building super structure.

Really, the squeeze page is the place where the magic begins. All your efforts at driving traffic to your website will fall flat if there is no squeeze page because this is where your visitors are converted into subscribers – thus giving you your own in-house list. With that list you now have the opportunity to transform those who have subscribed into customers and repeat buyers. Also this is where you are able to grow not only your business, but also your brand and your authority in every niche market you choose. That list becomes so powerful that it springboards you to every product launch, and ultimately, the focal point of your entire online business.

The squeeze page is the entry point into your entire business funnel. As such, you need to push your visitors through the doorway with a careful grooming. You need to observe this basic principles in the crafting of your squeeze page.

  • Attention-Grabbing Headline – your squeeze page is a sales letter and need to be regarded as such. This is where you tell them what is in it for them
  • Specific, benefit-rich bullet points – Reveal a little more of what they should expect to get. Make sure to focus on the specific targets in your niche.
  • Entice them with an irresistible offer that will motivate your visitors to surrender their names and email addresses in exchange for your offer.
  • Make sure your page is clean and free of all other offers. Give the visitor one and only one choice – to either opt-in or quit.
  • Privacy – Assure your visitors that when their email addresses are given, they will be used only for that purpose. Words like this, “Your email address is safe with us. It will not be lent or sold to any third party” are reassuring and inviting enough.

This is only a glimpse of the answer to the question about the essential nature of the squeeze page. For further details, take this Free Software and build your list on autopilot!

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