The Squeeze or Landing Page: How to Craft It For Effective Response!

The  squeeze or landing page is the gateway or entrance to your entire online activities! This is the webpage that people come to upon your invitation. This invitation comes in various forms either by setting up a pay per click ad, a link on a website, a banner ad or even from doing a Google search.

What is the aim of your landing or squeeze page? Your aim simply is to get people to take action. That is, you want them to subscribe to your list so that you can contact them later with your promotions.

You have to use a squeeze page because when you have a product or service to sell, there is a way of introducing that product to people. It has been tested and proved that the most effective way of introducing this product or service to people is the use of a landing or squeeze page. The reason behind this is that you cannot at first contact just throw a sales page and then expect people to be attracted to it and buy whatever it is  you’re offering. It demands that you put thought and effort into the creation of the squeeze webpage so that it looks credible. This page must be rich in content otherwise you just annoy people and not only tarnish your reputation, but you drive the people away.

What is most important is that, you must convince them to give you their contact information. Follow these guidelines:

  • Tell them exactly without hype what you’re offering.
  • Tell them further what you plan to do with their information you’re seeking·
  • Inform them about the benefits your product or service is going to give to them.·
  • One very important thing to do is to promise to give them a free product in exchange for their contact information. This is what some people call “an ethical bribe”
  • There are many offers online. Therefore, yours must be of high quality so as to maintain your integrity and brand name
  • Be honest and inform them that they are joining your list and you’ll be contacting them again for more information.
  • You should not be so desperate as to fall to the temptation of trying to trick people into providing their email addresses. This is a really bad practice which will hurt you in the long run. This deception will not last long and it will not only affect your reputation, but also people will blacklist you forever. (Really, the more honest you are with them, the better they’ll react when they receive your first communication.)
  •  Assure them of the privacy of the details they give you.·
  • Furthermore, assure them that they can opt-out at any time.

It will be a wasted effort if your squeeze or landing page does not look professional.  Because people who come there will leave without giving you their precious contact details. In all this list building business you cannot do it without an auto responder. What is an autoresponder? Here is an in depth  explanation of The Autoresponder

Meanwhile, however, you need not fret over your inability to design a professional squeeze page and provide a Free offer. Just grab this ready-made squeeze page with offer and give it to those you wish to invite into your list. Here is your Free Software.


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