How To Promote Your Squeeze Page For Maximum Profits

Your squeeze page is a very important tool in your online marketing arsenal. It is similar to a sales page because they both have one primary function and that is to pull in customers and motivate them to take action, but in this case, you are asking them to subscribe to your list.


Asking them to subscribe to your list is known as a “call to action,” or CTA. This is very essential when you are creating a squeeze page. Every sales letter has a CTA and your Squeeze Page being a sales page of sort must have it otherwise anything that follows will fail.

Principles Of A Good CTA:

A good CTA has at least 4 prominent principles which you must critically study. Here they are:

One Only: – There should be only one call-to-action to avoid confusing the prospects and lose them. For example, if you have managed to bring prospects to your squeeze page and you want them to sign up for your List Building Course, focus on that and only that and direct them to do exactly that.

Short and Inviting: – A great CTA is that one which tells the prospect what to do in only a few words, e.g. “Subscribe Here”, “Download Here” etc

Urgency: – Make your CTA great by attaching some form of urgency to it, eg “Accepting only 150 Members,” “Available Up to Midnight Today Only”

Compelling: – Make your offer difficult to resist. Let the prospects feel they will lose some precious gift if they fail to join your list.One way of making a CTA irresistible is to motivate your visitors in the same way that a traditional sales page should but in this case entice them with a compelling offer or a “giveaway.” This is also known as a “Branded Gift.” Some people even call it an “Ethical Bribe.” You must, however, have a strong focus on your market, and design your offer to solve an existing problem, satisfy a need or answer a question. In addition to that, your “ethical bribe,” though free must be of top quality to be able to really entice and motivate your prospects enough to opt-in.
Promotion of the Squeeze Page:

Now that your squeeze page is set up, your main task now is to attract as many people as possible to see this squeeze page and join your list. Here are a few ways whereby you can start driving traffic to your new capture page.

Tell A Friend: – Your branded gift or offer must be of good quality and helpful to not only attract people but also be able to push people to tell their friends about it. Make the offer shareable then your subscribers will be happy to share. If you have a Thank You page, ask them to share your capture page with friends so that they may also benefit from your free gift.

Write and Submit Articles: – One great sure way to promote your squeeze page is to write and distribute articles to Article Directories of which is the best. Your articles should be helpful and submitted on a regular basis. In your Resource Box, send readers straight to your squeeze page instead of sending them to your main blog.

Solo Ads – Sending solo ads to ezines is just basically paying someone to send emails to their list announcing your squeeze page. It is a very powerful way to promote your squeeze page. You can make a Google search for solo or ezine ads and select the one that fits your budget.

Litter Your Blog: – Litter your blog with squeeze pages at all available spaces. There should be at least 3 opt-in forms on your blog. Your best places should be the top of your side bar and at the end of it. In addition your blog posts should also contain an opt-in form, preferably at the beginning or end of the post.

Go Viral:

I have reserved the best for the last. Promote your squeeze page virally. So,if you really want to promote your squeeze page and get results, then visit the link below:



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