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Internet marketers in the “Make Money Online” (MMO) niche all have one common trait: to make huge sales with less effort. But is that possible? Of course it is. But first things first. You’ve got to have to build a high responsive and targeted list of subscribers. If that is fixed, ie if you have a high responsive targeted list, it’s easy for you to make profit from the subscribers on your list. For example, just send a single message to your list through your autoresponder, sales can be made right after you send your email. Is it that easy? Yes, because the success button is in the list of subscribers. Just press it and you’re ok.

In this post, let’s share together a few things you must focus on to have more earnings while building your list. Let us call this “Productive List Building.” This is a vital factor to many Internet based marketing campaigns. Indeed, there are many promotional efforts that really win because of the fact that they have done this productive and fruitful listing.

To start with, your best bet of all is to produce a squeeze page on your website so that visitors can opt in to your list.

A Squeeze page as we know is a mini website with a sole mission of “squeezing” a visitor’s contact details. You get these contact details easily by giving out a bonus to your visitor. Some people call this an “ethical bribe.” This is the principal element with witch to begin building your list. You may offer a free copy of a digital product like an ebook, a report or a software.

With this bonus, the possibility is that you can get many more subscribers to your list, because they seek your product or service. In addition, the type of product you offer enables you to demarcate your “section” of the wide internet market. This is called a “niche.” For example if ‘list building’ is your niche your bonus offer must be geared towards that and you can be sure that those who opt-in to your list are what is known as “targeted responsive list.”

Therefore, as a rule do not mix all your subscribers from many different niches together. Separate them according to their niches. It helps even you yourself to choose products suitable for each group of subscribers on your list.

Having managed to get people onto your list, build a great relationship with them. Your goal is a high quality and responsive list. You should not, therefore, sacrifice quality for numbers even though internet marketing is a numbers game. In the same vein never ship junk mail or shoddy products to those on your list. Otherwise your list will dwindle fast with a lot of unsubscriptions. Rather, you should pamper them with valuable products and/or helpful tips. The idea is to put your best foot before them, build a good image and make yourself credible rather than an itinerant and irritating peddler of products. The moment your subscribers recognize that you are credible, it is really simple to have profits from your list.
To emphasize, you can increase revenues from your list, if you make sure that you only offer your best product(s) to your list.

And finally, you can grow your list fast using a viral list building system. This system will assist you to build a huge and targeted list just like how a virus spreads in a community. Once the virus starts, it’s hard to stop! That’s the power of viral list building! Begin with this ebook below:

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