Product Review: Llist Building With The New Account

There is no need to stress how important List Building is in the “Make Money Online” Niche because as it is often said, “The Money is in the List.” The second thing you have to note with regard to your List Building Efforts is that you cannot build a list without an autoresponder. But first, take a look at What an Autoresponder Is

There are many and varied, free and paid autoresponder services online. If, howver, you want to do hassle free marketing online, avoid the free services. Go in for the third party paid ones. Of these also, there are many, but my best choice for an Autoresponder is That is the one I use and eagerly recommend it to you for the
following reasons:
There have been of late some pretty exciting things at and I want to
take just a moment to let you know what they’ve got happening and to assure you that they’d love to have you as a customer.
In addition, let me share with you these important facts:
  • You Save Money with
Using can save you a LOT of money as compared to other autoresponder services!
For example: A list of 2,600 subscribers would range from $29 to $75 a month using Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, or Constant Contact. With, you could manage that list, continue building that list, and send unlimited messages … all for just $17.95 per month.
To see some pricing comparison details, visit
  • Your Message Gets Delivered with
When it comes to Email Marketing, Deliverability is King! truly delivers when it comes to getting your messages to your subscribers. Their deliverability rating, as verified by Return Path, is among the highest in the industry.
If you want to Learn More about that visit:
  • Is Easy To Learn
They’ve recently introduced a new training resource at:
In addition to having a wealth of articles, you can also view video tutorials in their wiki.
 It is just like having a personal trainer show you the steps, their videos are available 24/7 at no additional charge and can be viewed over and over again to help you make the most of your account.
You can View some sample training videos at:
  • Now Accepts Paypal!
Over the years, they’ve had a lot of folks request that they start accepting Paypal. Paypal is accepted worldwide and is a leader in the online payment processing industry.
They are happy to announce that their users can now open an account with them using their Paypal account. They can also pay commissions to your Paypal account!
  • Become An Affiliate!
I have reserved the best part for the last and that is, while using these powerful email marketing tools in your own business, you can also build an additional revenue stream by referring new customers to pays weekly and monthly commissions based on new and recurring sales activity.
 In fact, promises to give you a 30 Day Free Trial to begin the relationship.
 And at your request, I’ll also personally give you another 30 Day Free Service by Paying Forward for you! What can surpass that ?
Here is the Guide to your Free Trial. 
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