Private Label Rights Article: How Can You Use It To Build Your List?


Owning Private Label Rights (PLR) to an article allows you to possess full rights to it. The Article and content under the PLR umbrella are yours to use, and you can use it completely without any restriction whatsoever. In fact you can do nearly anything with the Article including renaming, branding and selling it as your own. You can edit it and rearrange it with other products in a package. You can also give it away and/or even sell the giveaway rights, master resell rights or private label rights with it.

In a word, it means, therefore, that you can edit it in any way you think fit and finally attach your name to it as the author. To get the picture clearer, contrast this with “Resell Rights” where you only have the right to resell the product as it is without altering or editing the product in any way, and what is more you cannot put your name on it as the author.

Private Label Rights Articles can be bought in a package of articles or as part of being a member to a site that has PLR articles. These are articles that someone else has written and then they decide to sell them as a package to others to use in any way that they want to. Many people there are who use PLR articles on a daily basis to help them grow their in-house lists.

Here are some of the different ways that you can use a PLR article to build your list.

1: You can use it as content for your website or blog. In that case you can rewrite it to make it unique and suitable for the objective of your blog. While doing so you will realize that rewriting private label rights articles has many advantages.

a) It is a lot easier and a lot less time consuming than writing articles from the scratch.
b) It is possible also to use only a portion of the article in one post and then break the rest of the article down for use for other posts on your blog. Thus, one article can be used for three or four posts on your blog.

2: You can also rewrite it to make it to reflect your own voice and make it suitable for the subscribers of your newsletter. This is a great way for coming up with new content for your newsletter without having to do the necessary research yourself. Your new subscribers will love you for that.

3: In addition to the above, you can also create your own ecourse with PLR articles that deal with a similar subject, and feed them into the auto-responder so that you have an ecourse that people can sign up to get. This is a great and excellent way for you to give not only valuable information but also recruit new subscribers for your ecourse.

4: Another very good and popular use of PLR articles is to put them together as your own special report or eBook to give away as an “ethical bribe” to entice people to sign onto your list. You should, however, make sure that the report flows smoothly or it can rather negatively affect your business.

These are only four of the more popular ways that a PLR article can be used to help you grow your list on a daily basis. There are other endless possibilities for you to use to put PLR articles to work for you.

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