How Are You Using Your List?


 How is the list building business doing? Remember, we have always stressed the fact that you should build a list of your own. That is the only way you can survive online. That the “Money is in the List” is the only thing the Gurus have for once said without any hype.

Now, if by now, you’ve got quite a size-able list,  the question I want to put to you is, “How are you using it?”

Really, If you’re using your list well, one of the indicators or even the MAIN indicator of whether you’re using your list correctly or not is the number of ’unsubscribes.’

Losing Subscribers?

Believe it or not, if you’re using your List well, you’ll be LOSING subscribers every single day that you email them. Experienced Marketers know that when you mail out ANYTHING to your list – and I mean ANYTHING…you lose subscribers.

You may mail out with some great Content – and yet lose subscribers. Why is that so? It may happen that that is a message some of them didn’t want to hear, or perhaps you’ve touched some nerves of someone or offended them or perhaps it was just a day when they happened to be in a bad mood and they hit the unsubscribe button.

On the other hand, you may mail out a promo offer and lose subscribers. What is the reason for that one too? Maybe they think you’re just out for a quick profit, or maybe they just don’t like your last recommendation or they get upset because you didn’t include any content and it’s a sales email

So, be prepared that when you mail your list for ANY reason you’re likely  to get unsubscribers.


Yes,  it’s a GOOD SIGN, believe it or not! Why? It simply means that you’re really working your list –  You are doing the thing you built it for – to mail your subscribers. The List is not there for vanity or as a show-piece to show off to other marketers. It’s a Tool – an essential part of your internet marketing arsenal with ONE purpose:

The fact of the matter is that your list is not there only to make friends with your subscribers nor is it there so that you can sit and gloat over the numbers. No!

In actual fact, Your list is there to MAKE YOU MONEY. And if you’re not getting unsubscribers it means you’re not mailing……and if you’re not mailing your list you’re not doing any good to them. Just maintain your professional status and be detached at all times. Go about your business and do what you must do in order to make your list profitable. If you must do any thing other than that, like tracking the Unsubscribers and taking them on personally, then you might as well just scrap your whole business, because the law is on their side.

Note well that It is not possible to be liked by everyone. And therefore, the worst thing you can do with your list is NOT to use it for fear of unsubscribes…

The only thing you have to be sure of is that you have more people subscribing than you do unsubscribing. Mail to your list at least once or twice a week. And love your unsubscribes because they’re the guys telling you that you’re doing something RIGHT, not wrong.



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