List building: How To Use Your Squeeze Page Effectively!

What is a List?
A list is the most precious possession of your online business. In simple terms, it is the aggregate of those whose names and email addresses you have managed to store in your autoresponder.

But the question is, “Why must you build your list?”
You might have heard the often repeated saying which has now become a cliché: “the money is in the list,” “there’s no business without a list,” or some other sayings along those lines. Well, seasoned marketers keep repeating these sayings because they are right. You really need a list.

It is not an easy job to drive traffic to your site. It is a futile exercise to drive traffic to your sales page and hope you’ll make some sales. The truth, however, is that most people do not buy on that first visit. In other words, many people visit a site and are most unlikely to be sold on a concept, merchandise, or service that first time they come across it. So if after that first visit, the visitors leave your site – you are done. There is no way of bringing back those visitors to visit your site again. So the best and smarter method is to make those who come to your site give you their email addresses so that you can send them emails and remind them to come back to your site.

It is in this way that you fully utilize the money and/or time spent on traffic. With the list, you now have basically traffic on demand, which you can control and manipulate at will. And the beauty of it all is that you can do this for years to come, including contacting even those who visited your site a year ago. The traffic you can thus “save” by building a list is simply phenomenal.

List building has a variety of techniques. One way to capture leads is a website’s sidebar opt-in form. The main thrust of each technique is to convert as many prospects as possible.

Each of these several methods claims to stand out better than the others. The yardstick to measure the success of each one is the rate at which that method is capable of converting potential prospects into future customers. Among all the various techniques, the one that stands out prominently is the technique of using a tool called a squeeze page. No method comes close to a tightly focused squeeze page which continues to rule in the list building business.This is where the whole process of list building begins. With the use a squeeze page, it is possible for you to build a list and remain in continuous contact with your customers and prospective customers by getting your information across to them.

But Then, What is a Squeeze Page?
A squeeze page is a single and simple web page with just one main purpose: to capture the contact details of visitors to your website. Since it is usually the first page that you refer your visitors to, it is also known as the “Landing page.” What a squeeze page does is
“squeezing” the e-mail addresses of visitors.There is usually a form, known as the Opt-in Form, where visitors enter their details like their name, e-mail, phone number, address, or any other information that you want to collect from your website visitors. Preferably, most website owners ask for only the name and email. As a result of promptings and the promise of gifts, the visitors voluntarily surrender their details in exchange for that gift such as a written report, e-book, software download, or additional information.

What are the benefits of a squeeze page?
Because the squeeze page is only one web page, it is possible for you to make adjustments to it and tweak it to suit your efforts at boosting the conversion rate of the web site. There are various sources of targeted traffic like search engines, social networking, or advertising and marketing. Visitors from these various sources are directed to this page so that they leave their contact details. So, traffic from these sources all end up into your sales funnel.

Furthermore, this web page can be easily transformed or revised bearing in mind the form of targeted traffic that you’re receiving. Many marketers offer a ‘Free’ incentive or giveaway in exchange for visitors’ names and email addresses in their squeeze page.

Would you like to build a “sweet and sexy” Grab Your Customer By The Eyeballs Type Of Squeeze Page to capture visitors to form your own marketing list? You might want to look at:

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