List Building: How To Get Mailing Lists That Produce Results!

If you have been operating your online business for some time you must have heard what has now become a cliché: That “the money’s in the list.” If so, the question I want to ask you is, “Have you built yourself a mailing list full of eager subscribers, or you don’t believe what these knowing marketers often repeat?”

Admittedly, building your own list is reputed to be the most difficult part of your whole internet business, even for the experienced marketer not to talk of the newbie. Honestly, it could take you quite a few years to build up a suitably sized mailing list that has the capacity to make you a small fortune. Just imagine if you don’t own a mailing list, what happens to your amazing product, or who reads your real compelling sales letter, or even sees your very good looking site which is a classic one online.

On the other hand, if you have an awesome mailing list, things can be different. Building a list and marketing to it is one of the most profitable things you can do in the Internet Marketing niche.
Building a list simply goes this way:

•drive visitors to your site

•“bribe” them with freebies so that they give you their contact details, mainly name and email address through a sign up form for visitors to opt-in to your mailing list.

•With this, you are allowed to contact your subscribers over and over again with different products and services.

•Further, building a list allows you to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers, because it is much, much cheaper to presell and pitch to one person until a sale is made than it is to pitch to different people until one of them buys.

•Launches and give away events come on online quite often. You cannot go empty handed. Having a list of your own is a prerequisite qualification to participate in these major launch events.

•As a sequel to the above, we are often told to run joint venture partnerships to build our lists. Again you cannot go empty handed. You also have to bring some list to the table. Having a list of your own allows you to bring more to the table in future joint venture partnerships.

•If you have your own list, it makes sense to run controlled experiments on your list to test your sales copy’s conversion rate before you pay to send the same advertisement out to a larger audience.

Now that you know the advantages of having your own list, the problem of creating that list is simple:

i.Create your own squeeze page to “squeeze” in visitors’ names and email addresses. Use an easy point click method to build your “sweet and sexy” squeeze pages.

ii.Get a freebie to “bribe” them to sign to your list. This is taken care of in i. above.
iii.Promote your squeeze page all over the place – at Traffic Exchanges, Safelists etc
iv.Finally, you cannot a build a list without an Autoresponder. Without your own Autoresponder, you are only building somebody’s list and this is why most people never make money online. To get further educated on autoresponders, Download the Free ebook AutoresponderProfits AND begin the important job of building your list.

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