List Building: Is It Really Necessary To Have A List?

A list refers to people whose email addresses you have managed to
secure and they have agreed to receive emails from you. For example, you, yourself can easily become part of someone’s list when you willingly enter your email address before downloading or before receiving a gift or a report. Specifically therefore, as internet marketing is concerned, a list refers to a list of emails through which potential customers can be contacted. This is different from the list of groceries or the list of spare parts.

Offline, it is a known fact that some very well established large companies use lists of their own to keep track of their customers, and alert them to new developments, offers, and so forth. But the question is, Online, “Is it necessary to have a list?” The answer is a resounding “yes.” We can even add, for the sake of emphasis, that it is imperative to have a list before you can progress online.There is a common saying that, “Not having a list is like leaving money
on the table” and this has been proven to be certainly true.

In the conventional clothes store for example, customers and prospective customers come, browse around, maybe buy something, and then leave. And once they’ve left, that is the end of the story. The store has no way of getting in touch with them, and even going to the extent of convincing them to come back again.

What about if the store had their contact details,? Will it not be
possible to notify them when they have a new stock of clothes on the rack, or special discounts, and so on? The possibility is that if they can do so, the customer might feel compelled to come back, or
at least consider doing so.

Now in internet marketing, it can be similarly applied in whatever
niche that you’re into. You should first get a list of previous or
prospective customers so that whenever you have a new product, or some other offer, all you would do is just send out emails and see if anyone is interested. Though this seems simple, the fact is that it is amazingly effective.

Now let us reduce this to figures and see how it works! Let us assume
that you have 5,000 people on your list. Send out an email
regarding your latest product that is selling for $10. Even if only
10% of the people on your list buy your product, that is 500 instant
customers and you would have made a neat $5,000. It is as simple as

Now, come to think of it, your journey in the Internet marketing arena should first begin with list building in order not to “leave money on the table.” To build and use a list is the sure way of establishing a firm base of regular customers to which you can market your products and offers with considerable great ease. But remember that nobody has ever built a list without the necessary tools, paramount of which is the Autoresponder. Be well informed about this magic tool!

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