List Building For Fun And Profits!

Do you believe it when they say, “The Profit Is In The List?”. Well, whether you believe it or not, it does not change the fact. I, as well as many prominent online marketers, wholeheartedly believe this.

 Have you ever heard of Robert Allen and his “Make $24,000 in 24 Hours” program? The secret is the list! He sends an offer to his lists and, presto the money starts rolling in.
Visit virtually ANY online marketing seminar or webinar and you will find that a good portion of that seminar is going to be aimed at telling you to build and manage your own lists.
Your own email inbox is a practical example of what I’m saying. I can bet that you are subscribed to many lists. The guys at the other end who own those lists know that their profits are directly related to how well they do these two things:
  • Build their own in-house lists, and
  • How well they manage these lists.
As we’ve said before, an absolute “must-have” tool for any online marketer serious about list building is an AutoResponder.
An AutoResponder’s function is to help you build, manage, and profit from your lists for years to come. If you use it properly, it becomes your own personal online “ATM”. All you do is to send targeted offers to your lists over and over again and watch the profits come in.
The main thrust of this post is to help you remove the veil covering the face of list building so that you are enabled to get uncomplicated simple steps that will enable you start to build your lists for fun and profits:
Step 1:
Get an AutoResponder. My Recommendation for a suitable, simple, and less complicated one is the one called AutoResponer system.
Why? Because it has many advantages over others.
1. You can manage unlimited campaigns; that is to say, you can build as many lists as you like.
2. Each campaign can have unlimited subscribers, meaning you can build your lists as big as the ocean.
3. You can easily create, send, and track your letters; for sure you want to know what’s working and what is not.
4. Send emails in plain text or HTML. You can keep it simple or make it fancy.
5. You can even try it out for free for the next 30 days.
 Step 2:
Start building your in-house lists.
If you like you can use these few simple strategies that I personally use to build my own
Subscription Forms: You should have subscription forms on all of your web pages. This is really Serious and you must treat it as such. Put the opt-in form on ALL of your web pages so that no matter where a visitor goes on your site, they are presented with the opportunity to request information from you by filling out your subscription form.
Capture Pages: These are also known as splash pages or squeeze pages, and they are just simple web pages with a compelling presentation and a subscription form so you can capture visitors’ information in to your AutoResponder. Even if, currently,  you don’t have your own web site, it is imperative that you use capture pages to start collecting subscriber information.
Now, the important question is, “How do you get people to look at your capture page?” In other words, how do you attract visitors to your site? There are countless numbers of e-books, articles and videos on how to attract traffic.
Traffic generation is such an important topic that I want us to discuss it  in another post.


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