List Building: Here Is Your #1 Tool!

Both Guru and Newbie are for once unanimous: That to succeed online, you must build your list. And one other point of convergence is that you must have an Autoresponder where you can store the subscribers on your List and make follow-ups.

Of course there are quite a  good number of Autoresponder service providers. Many marketers have come to realize that one of the best is Trafficwave because TrafficWave has tools unsurpassed by any other AutoResponder service. It enables you to easily build a list of contacts for anything you are currently promoting. Further, it has a fantastic affiliate compensation plan second to none. Thus it gives you double advantage. You build your list and get paid while doing so. The important thing now is to accelerate recruiting more people to to do what you’re doing.

This is where “Team Links Across The Web” (TLATW) comes in to help you recruit referrals so that your monthly fee can be covered entirely by your TrafficWave commissions.

You might have seen teams that are currently advertising Trafficwave on the Internet. You’ve finally found a Team that is different from all these others.

“Team Links Across The Web” has finally solved the number one problem of team rotators. Most teams ask you to promote for the next member in line due to receive a referral while you are waiting to get to the top of a long list. But that’s not how “Team Links Across The Web works.”

From the moment you join, you’ll be placed on a Team with two other members. Each Team has its own rotator, so every third referral recruited by your Team would go to you. There is no other team currently on the Internet that is using this system. Each of our members is part of a 3 person Team. Members are assigned to a Team in the order they join. The Team page You promote contains both Your own TrafficWave referral link and a form to the Team TLATW AutoResponder.

If someone signs up using Your referral link, the new referral will go immediately into Your downline. When someone subscribes to the AutoResponder, the name of the member promoting that personal page (that is, your Name) is registered. If a subscriber requests to join at a later date, the referral link of 1 of the 3 members in their Team is sent. Individual Team members are rotated, each receiving 1 referral per rotation. After You have been at the top of Your Team and received a referral You move to the bottom for only TWO more rotations, then you’re at the top again. Over and over. It doesn’t matter how many Teams there are. Every single TLATW member has an equal chance of receiving referrals from the moment they join. The only requirement is that each member should receive a minimum of 500 hits per week to their Team page in order to receive a referral when they are in the Hot Seat. Every member is also provided a personal page to promote with no hit requirements.

People subscribing from Your personal page will go directly into Your AutoResponder which contains a letter series just like what you will be receiving from me. With the personal page, all Team LATW members can recruit TrafficWave referrals directly into their downlines without waiting to be in their Team’s Hot Seat.

You really CAN start getting TrafficWave referrals today. Take a moment and study exactly how our system works Here

I’ve reviewed every other TrafficWave team out there, and not one is using anything similar to our system. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

In order to join Team LATW, you must create a PAID TrafficWave account. If you are prepared to do that, visit This Page to join as my personal referral: A Promotion Bonus Awaits You!

 IMPORTANT:  I invite You to create a PAID TrafficWave account NOW. After that, please visit The Home Page and enter your information so we can set up your Team LATW pages right away:

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