Lead Capture Page: How Important Is it?

Online Marketing by itself is already complicated. It will be a wise venture, therefore, to make these complicated tasks less difficult, especially for the beginner. My simple advice to you is to concentrate your energies on mastering three main things:
1. A Lead Capture Page,
2. A Sales Page and
3. An Autoresponder

In this article, let us begin by looking at the Lead Capture Page to see how useful and important it is in the online marketing industry. Because of its importance, the Lead Capture Page has many aliases like Opt-in Page or the Squeeze Page. It has been proved often times that there is no way you can begin to start making money online unless you learn how to use a lead capture page.

A lead capture page or the squeeze page as it is more often called is a web page with only one mission: to “capture” or “squeeze” the contact details of visitors to your website or blog. With these email addresses collected, you now have what is known as an in-house list.
Why do you need this list? Simply because, “The money is in the list.” What this often repeated saying means is that with your own list, you have traffic on demand; you can market whatever you wish to this list and now you can be in touch for a long-term relationship.

It is a known fact that most customers will not buy from you or join your program the first time they come to your site; you must therefore, develop a relationship with them first. From that good relationship and trust, one broadcast to this list could allow you to earn some income for which reason you are doing marketing online in the first place. With your own list, conversion rates are also known to be better than otherwise

As such in all your activities, your beginning should be to build a list. For example, if you are using traffic exchanges or safe lists your main goal should be to get people onto your list, and you do this through your lead capture page. It is a sad mistake to try the “hit and run” method whereby you submit entire sales pages to other surfers. Most people using the traffic exchanges or the safelists are first and foremost there to only earn credits to enable them to show their own programs and not in the mood to buying anything. For the Lead Capture Page, being so important as it is, to be able to fulfil its mission of capturing visitors’ email addresses, it must be of quality and conform to certain guidelines and below are some tips to make that possible.

Tips On Making Quality Lead Capture Pages:

•Bolden Your Heading!
It is important that you grab the attention of your viewers from the onset. Therefore the bigger the headline, the better. A real large font will serve that purpose. The “submit button” should also deserve such a prominent large exposure.

•Focus On The Benefits of The Program or Service:
In this case do not tell the features of the program or service but rather their benefits to the visitor. Whereas a feature of the program is what the program does, benefits must answer adequately the question on the visitor’s mind, “What is in it for me?”

•You Need Not Reinvent The Wheel
Since borrowing is allowed, simply study and adapt what is already working elsewhere for the program or service that you are promoting. Tweak copy to suit your own purposes but do not blatantly steal it.

•Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS)
The above speaks for itself. In fact, the visitors have only a few seconds to stay on your page; grab their attention from the onset and further, try and adopt the trick of making them curious without releasing too much detail.

•Personalize Your Page
Since there are so many scams online, you can use an image or a video of yourself to attach a face to the Lead Capture Page to authenticate it further because it is fair for people to want to know who they are dealing with.

•Track and Test:
To know how well your well designed capture Page is fairing, there is no other way than to track it and put it to a test. How to do this is another topic we may look at in later posts.


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