How To Use Your Autoresponder To Its Fullest Potential!

In our earlier post on Easy List Building: The Smart Start, you were told that having an autoresponder is the fastest way to building a true autopilot list and fast income on the Internet. It is amazing, however, to see that many people are paying high monthly subscription fees for an autoresponder they don’t utilize to the full. Do you, like some people, assume that your autoresponder would do all the work for you and you could only simply sit back and collect all the money?

But, first let us get a clear picture what an autoresponder is. The Autoresponder is one of the most basic tools that every internet marketer needs. If you are trying to make money online and you’re not using an autoresponder, you are completely off the target. This post is set out to describe the essentials of an autoresponder and how you can use one to help you succeed in your online business.

First of all, it is common knowledge that an autoresponder is an automatic responder to customer needs (hence the name – autoresponder), but there is really more to it than just that. To give it its full due, your autoresponder is your own mighty personal sales force. The good thing about this sales force is that it is superior to its human counterpart in that it never tires, works 24/7, does not complain, nor does it ask for an increment in salary and most important of all it NEVER falls sick. It, however, needs a thorough training to perform at maximum efficiency. And the person who trains it is none other than your own self.

Offline, in the brick and mortar business, it is normal to train your sales force, so that as soon as a prospective customer walks in through the door, the sales team steps in to educate the prospect about the products or services there are and why that prospect should buy that product or service. Online, it is the task of the autoresponder to perform that duty effectively according to how you have trained it. By training, we mean you must set up messages that you want to send to your prospects.

When you have been able to secure someone’s email particulars either through email or an opt-in sign in form, they are telling you that they are interested in what you have to offer. Immediately, this basic tool, your autoresponder, takes over and does what you have trained it to do. That is, it begins to send out the messages you have already preloaded into it. You need not interact personally with the prospect. Meanwhile you can go to sleep, take a vacation or do any other thing while your autoresponder continues on its sales mission without interruption.

Apart from that, you can also use your autoresponder to :
•Offer regular tips related to your product or service
•Offer mini-courses to your email subscribers
•Inform members on your list about your latest posts on your blog.

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