How To Get Good Results From Traffic Exchanges in 5 Ways

This is a sequel to earlier posts on How to benefit From Traffic Exchanges In 7 Ways! and Traffic Exchanges: How to Use Them To Generate Traffic.

A traffic exchange, as we have already seen, is a program that you join with the view to sending traffic to your website. You view other members’ web pages in exchange for having your own web page viewed. Credits are earned when you view other websites and this is spent in the process of having your website viewed.

The use of a traffic exchange has one definite purpose: to generate traffic to your own site. You can achieve this noble aim if you do observe the following guidelines!

#1 Promoting Sales Pages:
Having believed that traffic exchanges deliver traffic to your site, you spend much time surfing to earn credits but when it comes to using these credits do you hurriedly send your affiliate sales pages to exchanges in order to make a quick sale? No; it wont happen. What you should rather do is to send a splash page because the other surfers are interested only in earning credits to be able to spend on their own sites and have no time to read sales pages nor even purchase anything.

#2 Speed Is Essential:
The game is a fast moving one. At most, you’ll have 10 – 20 seconds to present your message before people click onto the next page. So, a 20 minute video presentation will not yield any good results. You should rather get creative and create a fast loading splash page that tells your whole story and convince the other surfers to give you their particulars so that you contact them later. Do that all within that short period!

#3 Do Track Your Results!
In order to get fast results you might have joined quite a few traffic exchanges. If people respond and join your program, how do you know from which exchange they came from? Unless you track. In other words, tracking your results will tell you which exchanges are effective so that you do not surf the non performing ones in vain.

#4 Upgrade:
As soon as you register, almost all of the traffic exchanges will present to you what is know a One time offer (OTO) inviting you to pay and become a “pro”. This OTO is a well crafted sales pitch which gives out the advantages you enjoy as pro member as against a free member. It is really beneficial to go “pro.” But my advice is to first join free, do tracking as stated above before you convince yourself in which exchanges you should upgrade

#5 Listen To Feedback:
The world of Traffic Exchanges is a community of its own. it is for this reason that most exchanges have their own forums. It is advisable to join these forums and read the feedback from other surfers like you. You will learn a lot that way.

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