Why Not Give Them An email Address?

Have you ever seriously considered what is really important when it comes to succeeding online? It is simple. They have to find you in your House online.

Simply put, you need a Website or Blog online. This is your house where people looking for you can find you.Giving them your email address alone will not suffice, nor will it solve any problem.What is vitally important is that people should be able to find you quickly and easily.

It does not matter whether you are an affiliate where you promote someone else’s product or not.You must be able to send people to your own home base which can serve as a platform. it is on this platform that you launch all of your business ideas and promotions. You look more professional this way!

With your online presence, it is:

  • it is easy to direct people to your location which is
  • easy to remember and helpful when people visit.

Some people might say “Why not give them your telephone number or email address or Facebook page” so that they can call or correspond.

No – What will really do the trick in your favor is to give them an easy to remember website URL so that they can:

  • visit your site,
  • get in touch and
  • buy from you.

Your Own Blog
As you already know, everyone is in a hurry these days. Their attention spans are down to 8 seconds or less. Not many people will take the time to read a sales letter or even an entire article. What they do instead is to read the headline and if they are in a good mood skip to the bottom, trying to get the “bottom line” of price or point being made.
To avoid this happening to you, a blog of your own with an easy to remember domain name becomes a must today.
The advantage of owning  your own blog is not limited to only people finding you, but it puts you in a position of almost unlimited other options like:

  • Publishing of articles.
  • Building your list.
  • Running a membership site.
  • Creating squeeze pages.
  • Hosting videos.
  • Running surveys and polls.
  • Launching of new products.
  • Taking orders.
  • Having a forum.
  • etc

Now, therefore , visit This Site where you can get access to a host of Web Tools to assist you in having Your Own Blog

And finally, as your parting reward, Here is instant Traffic Secret from my good friend, Darren Olander:

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