How To Generate Free Website Traffic in 3 Top Ways!

There is only one hard and fast rule whereby your website can generate income. It simply is a steady flow of traffic to your website. The truth is that if no one goes to your site, there is hardly any chance of generating an income. It is for this reason that most of the top hit sites spend tons of real cash to drive traffic to their sites. They invest in many advertising campaigns and different forms of marketing schemes and other gimmicks.

Though it takes a lot of money to maintain your site in order to earn money, you can opt out of the cash spending spree if you do not have the resources since there are many ways to generate website traffic without having to lose your shirt over it. In this short article, let us consider only three of these top methods.

Exchange Links:

This is the method whereby one webmaster exchanges links with another one so that they both could produce more public awareness about their various sites. A successful implementation of this method brings a sudden upsurge of traffic coming to your site from other sites. The main prerequisite in executing exchanging links with other sites is that both sites should be operating in the same niche. They should both share a common subject so that the targeted traffic can find continuity in information. Another advantage in exchanging links is that your chances of getting a high ranking from the search engines areĀ  highly boosted. It is common knowledge that one of the many criteria search engines use to ranks sites is inbound and outbound theme-related links. The resultant effect of your good ranking position in the search engines is the generation of more free traffic to your website. This traffic is said to be organic because they are already interested in your topic. It is highly valuable and long lasting.

Article Marketing:

There are many electronic magazines (or e-zines for short) in the internet which give out free space for you to submit articles which they publish if it is up to their standard. It is advisable that your articles have the same thematic areas as your site. And also show your expertise in your articles so that when they read it they eagerly follow up through your Resource Box to your site to read more.

Forum Marketing:

A forum is a place where people can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular topic. There are many of such forums online which you can visit to explain, educate or show people how to solve certain problems. By showing your knowledge and expertise within the many online communities, you build a reputation as the store of knowledge which people frequent to drink from your fountain of knowledge.

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