Easy List Building: The Smart Start!


In our previous post on Easy List Building, we talked about the first step of List Building as being able to recognize and ignore all those emails with trigger words like “amazing,” “shocking,” “life changing” and all such words.

Next, we said we must now use the appropriate tools to actually begin our list building efforts. The immediate and significant tools mentioned are
•The “Autoresponder,” with loaded Messages.
•Free Give aways
•Opt-in page (or squeeze page or Landing page)
These are the basic tools to set you on the list building journey.

In this post we wish to look at the Autoresponder in greater detail. This is really the cornerstone of all your list building efforts and there can be no success without this magic tool.

What then is the autoresponder of which much has been said?
According to Wikipedia, an Autoresponder is “a computer program that automatically answers e-mails sent to it.”

In other words an Autoresponder is an e-mail marketing tool, that is set up to immediately provide information to your prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals. It does this by first collecting contact information about prospects so that follow up messages can be sent to them regularly. It is possible to even pre-set an unlimited number of messages to go out at any interval you have already determined. It can be sent out for days, weeks and months later or for any period that you have already preloaded. The magic of it is that having already set up this, your messages go out automatically whether you are sleeping, or at the beach.

The Autoresponder’s job is not only to do follow ups but also to confirm subscriptions, unsubscriptions, posts, and other activities related to your list. As such they can also be called “list servers” because they usually manage a mailing list and perform many functions that mail servers do.

Types of Autoresponders:
Autoresponders can be divided into two main categories:
The Outsourced Model — This is the autoresponder which operates on the provider’s infrastructure and is usually configurable via a web-based control panel. This type of autoresponders is more beginner friendly in the sense that it is third party managed. This means that it is handled by an independent company which manages your mailing list, sends follow up messages regularly as determined by you. It also handles the security aspect and ensures the safety of your contacts’ precious information.
With some companies, you can even send audio messages and other attachments.

For all these services the company charges a monthly fee that rightly takes care of all the concerns about security and other matters.

Server-side — This type of Autoresponder which is a type of “Do It Yourself” program is installed on your own server and you host it yourself. It demands self monitoring and providing full security including protecting it from hackers. Obviously, this requires some technical skills and as such I will hasten to recommend this type of autoresponder to marketing beginners.

Is There A Need For An Autoresponder? The answer is a resounding, “Yes, certainly.” This is because personally and individually you cannot singlehandedly deal with the thousands who may come to your website through your squeeze page. So the Autoresponder takes your place and works for you even while you are asleep. It deals with all the prospects who have responded to your invitation to look at your website in greater detail.

It also helps you to send out follow-up messages because it has been proved that many a time, it takes not less than 7 to 14 advertising messages before most people get “moved” enough to respond to the gentle pressures to make a purchase or to join a program online. It is critical, therefore, to build a list to enable you to follow up these visitors.
Now this is where the magic of the Autoresponder comes to play by sending the automatic message follow ups.

There are many, many companies that offer autoresponder services. Each company has its own house style regarding the usage and this should be studied for a successful operation. A little research can direct one to select from the many there are.

Happily, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. There is no need to scratch your head. Because this Autoresponder which I use and recommend can be tried for FREE for 30 days by which time you might have come to realize that Traffic Wave is the best newbie-friendly Autoresponder in the industry. Here it is below. Try it FREE for 30 Days!

Email Marketing

Instead of trying to chase down people that don’t want to hear about your offer, or trying to convince people to attend a meeting, why not focus your efforts on following up with people that actually WANT to hear about your business, products, or services?

Use the TrafficWave.net AutoResponder system to:

*build your own lists of targeted and RESPONSIVE prospects.
*attract the BEST prospects.
*build solid relationships.
*build your business FASTER than ever before.
*train your downline to do the same thing.
*build multiple revenue streams at the same time.
*build your own brand/identity.
*increase retail and wholesale sales.
*sign up new distributors faster than ever before.

Save. Time. Save Money. Communicate Clearly
Automate your lead generation, follow up, and presentatons. Generate more leads and close more sales with Email marketing AutoResponders.

Email Marketing

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