How To Create Your Email Autoresponder Messages!

What is the key to making serious money on the internet?
Answer: Creating a great autoresponder message series

Answer: Because Studies have proven that most consumers buy only after
repeated exposure to a product.

Therefore it is imperative that you have an autoresponder system. It is the most basic Tool that provides hassle-free, automated way to put your product or service in front of interested buyers enough times to move them from consideration to purchase.

Here is the evidence provided by research:
* 16 percent after one or two messages
* 34 percent after three or four messages
* 34 percent after five or six messages
* 16 percent after seven or more messages

It means therefore that the largest percent of your target market
will buy after receiving three to six messages about your product.

Therefore, building an effective autoresponder campaign requires that you
prepare eight to ten messages to load into your program.

Note that Each message should build on the previous one, and
make your product more enticing to buyers.

The next thing is to determine the timing of sending the messages to your prospective customer. You can decide to send one a day, three at one-day intervals with weekly follow-ups; once a week , or any interval you may decide upon.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action. ” – Tony Robbins

Sure, you can set up your ads and hope fervently that someday
someone comes along and buys your product or join your program.
Or, like Tony Robbins said,  you can take massive, determined action to set up your autoresponder messages.

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