How To Choose A Quality Traffic Exchange!

A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members view other members’ sites. This process, which is known as “Surfing” is done so that you, the member, earn credits. One such credit is equal to one random member to visit your page for a specified period of time, usually 10 – 15 seconds. Most exchanges have upgrade options which enable you to earn more credits and a higher commission rate as well.

There are thousands of Traffic Exchanges operating online. Obviously, you cannot deal with all of them, so the critical question is, “What are the criteria to look for in a good quality Traffic Exchange?”

Qualities Of A Good Traffic Exchange (TE):

To choose a good traffic exchange, these are some of the guiding principles:


Longevity: You want to know How long that particular TE has been in business.


How well their system works. To determine this, register for it and surf for a while. Find out if there are any hitches, whether the switch to the next site is smooth. Study the timer too; does it work well, etc.


Traffic To Credits Ratio: Watch also what their traffic to credits ratio is. Most TE’s start with 3:1 ratios for Free members, and most of them are dynamic. That is to say, the rates increase as you surf more pages. Check whether this particular TE is different.


Downlines: How many downline levels do they offer and what percentages do you get on each level. This is a very important aspect of determining a quality TE. That is, find out how many downline levels they offer and how much of a percentage of their traffic they offer you. The current industry average is about two levels at 10% for the first  level and 5% for the second level. If you find any TE that offers anything more than this, look at it more carefully. The simple reason is that if they offer too many levels and too much of a percentage, they may not be able to deliver on their promises. You should also be wary of programs that offer a lot of credits to entice people to sign up.

Also find out whether they have good and visible anti-cheat surf-bars. You can determine this by finding out whether the surf bar stays at one spot or it moves around. What about different colors and/or images for you to click. Does a page occasionally pop up to ask you questions. These are anti-cheat systems to prevent robots from stealing your credits.


Members: And most important of all, how many members do they have? This will help you to know how many people will be looking at your ads.


Credibility: And finally another very important criterion to determine the choosing of a TE is the credibility of the Owner(s)! Your best Test here is to  Google them and get more information about them.

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