How You Can Build Your List Fast With Ezine Articles!


The foundation for any successful business is email marketing. What is email marketing? This is having your own in-house list to whom you can direct all your product promotions. One single email to that list can yield great results. But the “bad” news is that you cannot send those emails unless you have a list to start with. The next question is “How do you get your list?” In fact there are many ways of building that list both paid and free. One of these free methods is by Article Marketing or sending articles to ezine directories. And this method is not only about list building but also a big boost to your whole gamut of business online.

1. Brand Recognition:

Business online is a matter of being well known and have a brand recognition. The more articles you submit to ezine directories the more your name resounds all over cyberspace. Your credentials precede you at every program you propose. This brings awareness to people who will willingly join any opt-in page you propose.

2. Niche Expert:

With your articles floating at the e-zine directories your credibility as an expert is well established. This gives you a competitive edge in the niches you dominate, leading to more people joining your list. This happens because they have grown to know you, like you and you have earned their trust. Since people are willing to do business with those they know, like and trust, the free content you have been giving out leads to more people joining your list.

3. Free Advertising:

One of the best methods of building your list is through adverting. And there is no better advertising method than this perfect and targeted exposure to people who are already looking for rich content on that particular topic you’ve written about. Your article is not just a one-off event. It remains for ever. What is more, blog and website owners as well as e-zine publishers can publish your article at their sites giving you extra exposure. It is archived at blog sites which people can look at even years later. And e-zine publishers also allow readers to republish your article in their e-zines

4. Publish E-Books With Articles:

Having already established your credibility with your articles, you can go one step forward to publish e-books which you give out free and allow people to download and give out free. The viral effect is outstanding. With this viral distribution of your book, you build an enviable list of well focussed and targeted customers.

5. Ghost Writing:

As an expert in your niche as evidenced by your articles, it is possible to get demands from people to write for their sites or write books for them. People even invite you to speak at face to face seminars or webinars. In the course of this, it is needless to say that you increase your list a ten fold.

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