How To Build An Email List By Purchasing Leads!

How comfortable are you with the heading of this article? Let me repeat it. “How To Build An Email List By Purchasing Leads!” Do you take it literally? If you really do, then you must read what follows seriously!

List building, as we have often said, is at the core of the Making Money Online (MMO) business. That is to say, without a list you cannot survive in the MMO Business. It is as simple as that. In view of that you may, in desperation to have an in-house list of your own, go to the extent of purchasing leads. If you have some money to purchase leads, be warned that it is not a good practice. In fact, many marketers there are who already have personally tried and tested a number of lead sources and found them to be very disappointing and unresponsive. 

Now, you may even put this disappointing and unresponsiveness aside and squarely face the most important factor to take into consideration; and that is the risk you face as a result of spam complaints if

you start emailing these leads. You face spam complaints because you did not personally seek their consent before sending commercial emails to them.

For example at the Trafficwave Forum,  someone posted this question, “I bought a great list of prospects for my offer.The company told me they are great leads and perfect for loading in to my AutoResponder. Can I Do This?”

And the Moderator quickly and promptly replied, “ Absolutely Not! To be blunt, this is the very definition of spamming. These people don’t know you. They don’t know anything about you or your offer. Doing this will get your account terminated faster than you can say “No Refund”. Be a responsible online marketer. Build your credibility while you build your own personal lists and your long-term success will be your reward.

You might argue that they had consented to be on the vendor’s list or the vendor might have assured you that they are double opt-in but the question is did they opt-in to your list? Have they ever heard of you?

Again ask yourself, how old is that list? And how were the names and addresses gathered? And how many people have bought that same list?

Really, the best leads that are of any value to you are the double opt-in leads who have actually consented to be on Your List. These are the leads that are of much high quality and not the leads who might have just signed up to receive some general information on internet marketing.

So, back to my original heading of purchasing leads, my simple advice to you is that you should not do it. Period. However, if you happen to have some money to spare in your advertising budget, you can use it to upgrade in a few JV Giveaway Events. If you upgrade your position in a JV Giveaway event, it will give you more exposure for your Free Gift, which can result in more signups to your list. These signups are real people who have actually voluntarily and willingly signed up for your offer.

To sign up for a Giveaway Event in order to build a list, you need a free gift to entice the prospects. This Free Software  is available to you to give away for free.



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