How To Benefit From Traffic Exchanges In 7 Ways!

What is a Traffic Exchange?
In simple terms, a traffic exchange is a program that you join with the view to sending traffic to your website. It enables you to view other members’ web pages in exchange for having your own web page viewed. Most Traffic Exchanges are free to join, and they generate traffic to your website.

You use credits that you can trade for website traffic. To get credits, you can either buy them or earn them by looking at other peoples’ websites for a set amount of time. Every time you view another member’s web page for a specified period of time (e.g. 20 seconds), you earn credits. The other members view your web page for the same period of time. To enable them view your website, you make use of your credit balances which you have so far accummulated.

There are two main types of traffic exchanges – manual exchanges and auto exchanges or auto surf. A manual exchange requires a real human being to view the web page and click on a link to proceed to the next web page. On the other hand an auto exchange can be left running in your web browser and will automatically refresh to new web pages.

Although both of these methods will bring hits to your website, obviously the use of a manual exchange is far more likely to bring a visitor who will actually read what is on your web page. The auto exchange users who leave their computer on all night, surfing web pages while they sleep are unlikely to join your program or buy your product! For this reason most people never venture down the path of using auto exchanges.

It is important to emphasize how Traffic Exchange advertising works.
Traffic exchanges are a very simple system.
The concept is really easy and they basically work like this:
1. You sign up with the traffic exchange.
2. View member websites for a set amount of time (usually 10-30 seconds each).
3. For every 2-3 websites you visit, you earn one visitor to your website. This number will vary depending on the traffic exchange. Paid members also usually get more traffic for less work.
Usually different traffic exchanges will each have their own special features as well.

And it works in this way:
When you join a Traffic Exchange, you can add any web page url you wish to send traffic to. Then you begin earning traffic “credits” by viewing other members’ websites. Your site(s) are then displayed to others using the same traffic exchange, based on the amount of credits in your account.
It is as Simple as that!

Each Exchange works a little differently, and your credits-to-visitors ratio can differ depending on your membership level, but typically when you have visited 2 other members’ pages you earn 1 visitor back to your own webpage.

This is done by using a special surfing url that you are given when you join. It will load a webpage and then a timer will start counting down. Most Traffic Exchanges use 15-30 second timers. You may, with some exchanges, actually see the time counting down, and once it reaches zero you are ready to view the next page.
You can then click on the ‘next’ button, or in many cases you click a number, a picture or colour and you earn a traffic credit and start again with a new webpage and timer.

How Do We Benefit From Traffic Exchanges?
Traffic Exchanges can be of immense benefit to you if you observe these very basic ways of using them.

1.The best way to benefit from traffic exchanges is: Do not to show company replicated websites or sales pages to the other viewers or surfers.To get good results from traffic exchanges, show pages that are designed to catch the visitors’ attention and get them to give you their email addresses. With the contact details you can contact them later with your sales or opportunity pages.

2. Concentrate on just a few very reliable Traffic Exchanges only.

3.A Google check on Traffic Exchanges will give you more than 200,000 exchanges. How Do You to get the very reliable or popular ones? Go to TrafficHoopla. Do not reinvent the wheel. Benefit from TrafficHoopla who have already singled out the best 10 or even the best 50. You can join them from there.

4.Surf Multiple Pages Simultaneously: Select just about five or 10 of these exchanges and surf all of them at the same time in order to derive benefits by using time judiciously.

5.Build Downlines in The Chosen Traffic Exchanges: Downlines are those people you have personally recruited into a particular Exchange. That Exchange rewards your efforts with a percentage of the credits of the your downlines when they surf.

6.It’s Advisable to Go Pro or Paid Membership: Paid membership comes with added privileges like a specified amount of free credits every month plus more credits for shorter periods when you surf that is, you get more credits for less work.

7.And finally the jewel in the crown to do derive more benefits from traffic exchanges is to “arm yourself” and get a lot of knowledge so that you can derive direct benefits. And the best way to do that is to Get Success With Traffic Exchanges Now!


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