Affiliate Marketing: Watch These 7 Avoidable Mistakes!

Having been on the Internet for some time now, you must have heard of and even practiced some Affiliate Marketing. Surely, countless numbers of emails might have come into your inbox extolling the virtues of Affiliate Marketing. Indeed, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best options for you to start your online home business.

What Then Is Affiliate Marketing?

You are doing Affiliate Marketing when you earn a commission for somebody’s product. It happens this way: you recommend a product or service to another person and if the purchase goes through a commission is paid to you. It is as simple as that. For that reason it is also known as referral Programs or Partnership Programs.

A Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is really beginner-friendly. And so beginners can start their online journey into Internet Marketing with Affiliate Marketing not only because of its simplicity, but also for the following reasons:

Free Entry: There is really no cost in joining an Affiliate program
Minimal Risk: There is no risk involved at all
Part Time or Full time: You can combine it with your day job or do it full time
Ready Product: You need not spend money or time researching and developing a product. The product owner has already taken this heavy and expensive burden off your shoulders

Despite these advantages and many more, a beginner has to thread cautiously. The following notes are intended to be your guide so that you begin your marketing journey knowing well where you are going and how to reach there.

Avoidable Mistakes:

Your success or failure as an affiliate marketer depends on your observance of the following basic principles. As an Affiliate Marketer, stay clear from these deadly mistakes which could draw you back.

1. Posting ads or Spamming at Forums. Forums are excellent places to do your affiliate marketing because these are concentrated communities of highly targeted prospects. As such, forums can be used to promote your affiliate products; but this should be done according to the rules. You should not post comments just to get click throughs to your Signature Box because this is clearly SPAMMING and it is distasteful. You expose yourself as a person who wants to cheat the system or reap where you have not sown.

2. Sending People To Company Replicated Website: You should rather send people to your PERSONAL Lead Capture Page in order to grow your list first.

3. Not Doing Research. Before you promote your affiliate program, research to target your market so that you promote to only those who are interested in your website so as to avoid wasted efforts.

4. Using CAPS on your webpage or in your email ads. Why? Because this is akin to shouting. Most potential customers detest this.

5. Not Cloaking Your Affiliate Links: Leaving your affiliate links open makes them accessible to “Affiliate Hijackers” who are capable of replacing your links with their and steal the commission which is rightfully yours.

6. Not having An Opt-in page on your website. Visitors to your website should feel free to opt-in at any time on any page and have the assurance of walking out at any time.

7. Degrading Other Products. This is a temptation you should avoid just like the others. You should rather highlight the uniqueness and usefulness of your product or service. You can point out the superior ingredients of your product but do not degrade your competitors’ programs.

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