Affiliate Marketing: How To Maximize Profits!

As we already know, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of
starting an online business and earning profits because of reasons such as:
• It doesn’t require product development,
• No Dealing with customer support and complaints or
• What is worse, making refunds.

Choice Of Program:
Now, you must have already chosen your affiliate program(s) that you
want to promote, based on one very important criterion which is:
Commission Structure – You must check on the Company you want to deal with. Your checks must convince you that they have a solid track record of paying commissions to their affiliates and on time. A search for the product name plus the words “affiliate payments” can be very rewarding.

Having got your hand on the product, the next thing you would want to do is to promote and earn profits. The main thrust of this article is to give you some simple tips that you can use to double, or even triple, your commissions as quickly as possible. So, let’s go:

Chat Rooms:
Go to chat rooms related to the product you’re promoting and participate there. First, start a conversation with a person without trying to sell anything to them. Later, in the course of the chatting, mention the product you’re selling.

Free eBook:
One great way of promoting your affiliate program is to write an ebook and insert an advertisement and a link to your affiliate link. The Headline and sub headlines of the ebook should entice your target audience to down-load it. Promote this ebook all over cyberspace. You can even submit it to some ebook directories for good results.

Your Own Ads And Squeeze Pages:
While all the other affiliates are using the same company replicated ads and squeeze pages, it would be worthwhile to write your own ads. This gives you some uniqueness and an edge over your competition. Using a different ad gives you an advantage over all the other affiliates who are promoting the same product.

Personal Endorsement Ad:
One good trick is to buy the product and use it yourself and now give an endorsement from the user point of view. This is known as a personal endorsement ad. From your experience of use, You can now tell people what kind of benefits and results you’re receiving from the use of the product or service. The great advantage here is that these Endorsements also increase your credibility as well as that of the product or service you are promoting.

Product Reviews And Testimonials:
One of the best ways of promoting a product or service is the use of product reviews and testimonials. You can observe a good example of this on Sales Pages. Just as you did for the personal endorsement, you can also write intelligent product reviews of the product or service you are promoting. Then, extend this to collecting testimonials from the people who purchase from you, or join your program.

Signature File:
One great way of advertising your affiliate product is at Forums, Blog Comments, and in your out-going emails. Using an attention-grabbing headline, give a good reason for them to visit your affiliate site. This write up of not more than 5 lines is what is known as a signature file.

Web Discussion Boards:
Look for web discussion boards and participate fully over there just as you do in the Forums. You do this by posting your comments, answering other people’s questions, and even asking your own questions. In the course of doing this, through your sig file, you can slot in how your product can help solve someone’s problems.

Free Newsletter:
An informative and helpful free newsletter built around the topic of your chosen product is another way of promoting your affiliate product. You can submit it to online ezine directories and promote it on your web site if there is any.

Use Of Bonuses:
You can motivate people to choose your product out of the great competition online by promising them a bonus. This trick tips the scale in your favor.

Membership Site:
You can even start a private and exclusive membership site. You can then use it as a free bonus to those who purchase or subscribe to your program. When they join, you kill two birds with one stone because while they are convinced they are receiving an extra bonus from you, you also have the opportunity to sell more products to them via the site.

One excellent place to promote your product or service is at your own Blog. There you freely provide useful information not only in your niche but you also include your well written product recommendations, including that of the particular product you are promoting. When you post regularly, the possibility is great to start generating a steady flow of traffic from the search engines. That is the beginning of generating all-year round sales.

List Building:
The beginning of a full time business online is to have your in-house list. With this you can promote any product or service any time without spending so much on advertisements.

So, the first lesson to learn is to Build a List of Prospects. The easiest way you can do this is to let all persons responding to your ads to first go through your Autoresponder. Here now comes the Best Deal: you now have an opportunity to build your list and start a lucrative business – all well-built into one great program.

Here is your Affiliate Program and List Builder.


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