Affiliate Marketing: Three Fatal Mistakes To Avoid!

Affiliate Marketing, considered to be a very simple and easy way to do business online, has the possibility to give you the opportunity to make money online automatically, once you know how. However, many there are who have entered this field without becoming successful affiliate marketers. This is because they have not taken the precaution to avoid some three fatal mistakes.


To help you earn a steady income in affiliate marketing, let us discuss these three major mistakes that can make your business to collapse. If you avoid these mistakes it is possible you can sit back and enjoy your steady and monthly “free” income.


Your “free” income in affiliate marketing comes from the commissions you get for promoting products and services of a merchant. The merchant is the investor, who pays your commissions when you successfully execute a sale of a product.


Now note and avoid these three fatal mistakes of affiliate marketers:


1. Sending Your Prospects Directly To The Merchant’s Website:


What happens when you send your prospects directly to the merchant’s website is that if they do not like the product and close the site, that’s the last time you will ever see them and so all your efforts to send them there have come to naught.


Since you want your visitors to visit the website again and again, the first thing you have to do is to capture their email addresses. Having successfully grabbed their email addresses, it is now possible to use that to send them advertisements on a regular basis.


2. Crowding Your Website With Affiliate Links, Flashy Banners and Ads


If you populate your website with affiliate links, lots of flashy banners and other advertisements, you confuse your visitors and they may simply leave your website. People like to see clear and easy to understand websites.




First, put an honest product review to get the visitor’s attention. Preference should be given to text ads instead of flashy and graphical ads. In addition to that, the load time of simple websites is much faster than full graphics, and loaded websites. It is a fact that most people like to visit sites that open in seconds. So be simple and focused.


3. Commission Theft


Commission theft which happens in a number of ways is one of the biggest drawbacks in affiliate marketing.


Although, it is not possible to eliminate it entirely, you can minimize it through some tricks. Cloaking and redirecting of affiliate links are some of the possible options for you to use..




In summary, to succeed as an affiliate marketer, try to avoid these common fatal mistakes.

  • Always try to collect your website visitors’ email addresses which you can then use to send them your advertisement campaigns. 


  • Design your website to be simple and easy to understand for the visitors.


  • Finally, cloak your affiliate links to get the maximum benefit. 



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