Affiliate Marketing: How To Avoid Affiliate Suicide!

If you are first getting rolling into marketing online, I recommend Affiliate Marketing which is “Selling Other People’s Stuff” (SOPS) as the best option. Affiliate Marketing has many advantages including the fact that there is no registration or joining fees. Further, there are also no hidden charges in small prints, whatsoever.

Affiliate Marketing is a real business and like all businesses, it should be treated as such and not like a hobby. It thrives on repeat purchases. But note that just as it is easy to enter this method of business promotion, so is it equally easy to fail simply for two main reasons.
1.Lack of focus.
2.”Affiliate paralysis.” This is the feeling that you need to read the next report, buy the next shinny product or software or learn a little more. Some people call this “information overload.”


The cure for this is to:
•Immediately start by taking action now! Begin by choosing your niche and secondly, choose a product within that niche to promote as an affiliate.
•Make a plan about how you can promote the selected product. There are many ways to promote the selected product online. You can put links on your website or blogs. You can also employ your skills at article marketing, try the social media or make press releases etc.
•Focus all your energies on that business to work because it is always possible to sell again and again to someone who has already made a purchase.

The Quick Fix:

Whichever method you use to promote the chosen product the quick fix is that there should be a mechanism to capture your leads. Your top priority must be to capture the subscriber and sell later. You commit “affiliate suicide” when you allow them to visit your website or blog without capturing their contact details so as to contact them. Once you have managed to send them to your website it shows that they are interested in your niche and particular product. Sustain that interest by making them release their email addresses to you.

Send Emails:

Having captured the contact details of your leads, you can send regular emails at certain intervals during which time you can now pitch them with your products. Your emails must contain quality contents. You can also use a Newsletter to build a relationship with them.
The relationship should not end once a customer has bought a product. That rather should be the beginning. Keep in touch with that customer and pamper them with high quality content in your newsletters or emails. That customer should be treated as a new lead all over again. Offer that customer related products to the one they had just bought.

In the choice of product, pay particular attention to those that help you earn recurring income. These are products that involve monthly membership or subscription fees. The advantage is that this brings in regular monthly income that truly becomes the basis of your affiliate business.

To sum up, Be focused, consistent and patient and refrain from “program hopping;” i.e. jumping onto the next shinning program. And build an in-house list which is the jewel of your crown. It is proper to emphasize that you should anchor all your activities on building an email list.

Did you know that many people, despite all that we have said above, continue to concentrate all their promotion efforts on sending the prospect straight to the merchant’s page simply because they lack the mechanism? You should capture your leads first.

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