Affiliate Marketing: 3 Ways To Make A Quick Sale Without Frustration




Affiliate Marketing is a dominant feature in the “Making Money Online” niche. The simple reason is that you just sell products or services created by someone else. You, the Affiliate make a commission on the sale which in some cases is as high as 75%. The average commission, however, is around 50%. For example, if you recommend an e-book that sells for $40, a 50% commission gives you $20 when you successfully execute a sale.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing online has many advantages, but just a few will suffice in this short article.

  • You do not need to deliver the product. The product owner takes care of that.


  •  Customer support and/or dealing with customer dissatisfaction which may lead to the dreaded case of refunds are also the product owner’s headache.


  • All the manual and laborious work are done by the product owner.


  • Your job as a marketer is only to mobilize traffic to the product owner’s website who already has a series of sales letters and makes sure that a sale is made.


  • You have a fantastic array of products to choose to promote, covering the entire gamut of knowledge from archaeology to zoology.


The best products to promote in Affiliate Marketing are digital products. These are mainly information products which can be downloaded digitally or electronically.


Promotion Without Tears:

Now that you have selected a product, how can you succeed without tears in driving traffic to your website for a sale to be made? In most cases, the product owner may provide some promotional tools but the disadvantage here is that, almost all the other affiliates will be using those same tools.

  1. So the first thing you have to do to avoid frustrations is to stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is to buy or manage to possess the product and actually use it. Study it or implement it. In other words, personally experience it and get to know what the product is about. In that case your recommendation will be from personal in-depth knowledge and passion.
  2.  Secondly, write reviews either on your blog or incorporating such reviews into informational post. A review works very well because if done properly, it is not a blatant sales pitch nor is it advertising but rather a content rich post which happens to mention a product. You should, therefore, focus on honestly assessing the product by highlighting the good as well as the bad sides. And your post must be unique because readers or buyers are discerning and smell sales pitches from afar.
  3. Thirdly, try to promote continuity programs or recurring products. These are programs for which payments are made at regular intervals, either yearly or monthly. In this case a single effort to recruit a person into a membership site for example, gives you income for as long as that person remains a member of the site.


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