How to Avoid Three Critical Drawbacks to Your Website Traffic!


What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the visitors who come to your website. No online business can exist and flourish without being nourished by the blood of website traffic. In fact if you remove traffic, all your efforts are worthless and fruitless. These visitors who come to your website should be nurtured to be your in-house list because, “The money is in the List.” Your own in-house list is an essential ingredient in the recipe to success, especially in the “make money online” niche.

The Scars of Paid Traffic!

It has been a struggle since the dawn of the internet to get visitors to the website. No wonder there are many courses, e-books, and tutorials of all sorts on how to attract website traffic. This is because your website is just one grain of sand on the sea shore. Getting traffic to your site is not only a real painful exercise but a daunting one at that. Many a marketer there are who have fallen to the tragedy of losing real money while chasing this elusive traffic. The pity of it all is that, some beginners, without much preparation, just jump in with both feet into such paid services like Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), Banner Advertising and other paid services. The scars are there to remind them.

Handle Website Traffic With Care!

Website traffic being the live wire to the survival of any online business, it should be handled with care. Any factor trying to militate against it should be identified and uprooted with the tap root. The purpose of this page is to identify just three of these critical drawbacks to website traffic so that you may refrain from such practices.

Drawback #1: Promoting Irrelevant Products:

Stay focused and promote only products relevant to what you originally advertised. That is, promote products or services relevant to the original theme or topic in the Squeeze Page. For example, if your squeeze page or email invites them for lessons or information in “guitar playing,” do not send them to a website in “internet marketing” after probably realizing that there is more money in that.

Drawback #2: Churning Out Poor Quality Content:

Information delivery is an essential commodity online. Therefore, if you want to increase your website traffic, deliver only quality content on your website or in your emails. You must also consider it your bounden duty to establish a good relationship and trust with your list. Therefore, take cognizance of that and let your emails to your list lead them to establish you as someone of brand value for quality. In this way, your list and visitors to your website will faithfully be looking forward to receiving quality information from you. Continue to maintain the trust as the source of well-focused and solid high quality content either on your website or in your emails. The converse is a sure recipe for losing your traffic. It is therefore, suggested that your emails should be of genuine benefit to your subscribers.

Drawback #3: Allowing Your Subscriber List to Run “Cold”

Do not behave like some website owners who allow their list to go “cold” which they contact only when they have promotions to do. Be in constant touch with your list.

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