3 Tips To Make Your Squeeze Page Convert 50% More!

The squeeze page is simply a sales page but not one for selling your products. Rather, it is a web page built with only one intention – to “squeeze” out the email addresses, and not money, out of visitors to your website. It can therefore, be regarded as the gateway to your entire business. As such it should be handled and crafted with utmost care. It is in this wise that these three tips are given in this article to enhance its conversion rate.

Tip # 1:

Design a Proper Squeeze Page.

The squeeze page will reflect whether your business is a lousy or a serious one which visitors could willingly release their well guarded email addresses to. It should be well crafted with all the essentials of a sales letter.

A Great Headline – the headline is perhaps the most important part of your squeeze page. A proper headline should grab the attention and force people to read the rest of your message.
Convincing Bullet Points – here, give the premise of your service, and a little bit of pre-selling.
A Clean, Professional Design that makes it not only visually appealing but also displays the opt-in box prominently visible to visitors.
Above the Fold, which means the opt-in box can be seen without excessive scrolling. Above all,
Give a Free and Irresistible Offer of considerable value and quality upfront.

Tip # 2:

No Videos On The Page:

Video or audio are no doubt good media that could make your site unique and convince visitors to spend a little more time considering your offer, but the simple fact is that a greater number of the people who visit your squeeze page are rather impulsive; that is to say, they are not exactly patient enough for anything to load if they are not sure they want it. So, keeping your squeeze pages free of videos will allow them to load fast and cleanly. Your visitors, without any waiting, can read the salient points right away, and immediately decide to opt in while their attentions are aflame. Therefore the simple rule of thumb is that, “skip the video or visitors will skip you.”

Tip # 3:

No Heavyweight Effects On Your Squeeze Page:

It is not only videos that you should skip on your squeeze page; avoid also any medium that will consume high bandwidths like Music and Sounds, because they will hold up the loading process. And so are images. Take note that smarter users have the ability to block any media from untrusted sources.

My advice in this wise is that, “if you do not want them to block you, just stick to text and graphics.”

The foregoing are no secrets but very essential and useful tips… all in an attempt to Generate Free Website Traffic to build your list. Now that you have been with me all this far, let me reward you with this FREE, revolutionary, fast, easy and pleasurable way of List Building.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anthony_Kpodo

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7308611

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