6 Golden Nuggets Governing Opt-In Pages!

As is well known, to attract visitors and convert them into Customers, there must be an Opt-in page. What this means is that the opt-in page is a sine qua non in the very vital business of List building. As such we can conform to certain fundamental maximum success can be achieved. These are what we call Golden Nuggets in the creation of an Opt-in page. Ignore them at your own peril.

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 1: KEEP IT SIMPLEWhen preparing the opt-in page, the main objective to convince people to join list and the opt-in page is the vehicle to use. So the first rule is:

  • Keep it Simple and Short – to make it so, be guided to remove all elements on the page that are likely to distract a person away from clicking the “Join Here”
  •  Such things as Google ads, banners and affiliate links have no place on the page. You should rather stay focused and concentrate on the job at hand i.e. to let the person opt in.

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 2: VISIBILITY Visibility means that visitors must see clearly what they are supposed to opt-in to. There should be no strain on their part at all.

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 3: APPEALING HEADLINE Your opt-in page must be attractive and eye-catching headline. There is need to motivate the visitor to stay further on the page. Most people have the tendency to browse fast so if you cannot quickly grab their attention you lose them forever. There is no way they will touch your opt-in.  

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 4: BENEFITS Before they look at the opt-in form most people consider “what is in it for me.” that is to say, they consider fist the benefits they might derive from joining your list. So, let your bullet points detail the benefits that they will derive by joining your list. In addition, you must ethically bribe them with a quality Free gift to be able to attract them.

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 5: AVOID HYPE. Most people online can smell hype miles away. Your offers should sound enticing without being “hypey.”

OPT-IN PAGE GOLDEN RULE # 6: PRIVACY. Most people online try to avoid being spammed. Therefore before they can opt-in there must be some form of assurance. State categorically that you will not sell or rent their email addresses and that their email addresses are safe with you.

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