How To Get 50 To 100+ Visitors Daily!

In the course of your list building exercise, you might have already set up your most important tools. I am also sure that you have already created a clear mindset to succeed online.

The must-have tools to build a list are:

  • Email Marketing Service
  • Hosting Accounts
  • Domain Names
  • Free Gifts and
  • Squeeze Pages

How each of these tools functions or how you can use them effectively to build your list is a complete story which we’ll tell in a different chapter. You can personally request a lesson or two on any of them. I look forward to that.

However, for now, let us look at one of the most critical parts of the overall list building system which is not listed among the tools above.

What I’m talking about is a Blog.

It is important to have some type of content marketing platform (a blog), because this will make a massive difference in your business.

This is so because you will be able to:

  • generate more free traffic to build your list,
  • brand yourself in your niche,
  • brand your company products or whatever else you want.

You can now observe, therefore, that once you are online, no matter what your exact business is, it is imperative that you should have your own Blog.

“Why?” You may ask. The answer is simple and it has already been wrapped up for you. It is the view of seasoned marketers that people make purchases based on 2 factors

Trust and Credibility.

And it is having a blog online that increases Trust and Credibility. This shows that you are a living human being who has been updating the Blog and not just an automatic computer message.

How Do You Use Your Blog?

The best way to use your blog is to build it up over time. Your main aim is to provide value and connect to members on  your list.

It is really a long term plan. As such, you must make sure that in whatever niche you get involved in, you actually have a strong interest in it. There is no need to be  jumping from niche to niche. In that wise you will be able to use your blog to build authority within your niche. In doing so you build your list with ease.

The main question lingering in your mind is, “How will I get
traffic to my blog?”

Well that is actually really easy.

Just use a handful of powerful free traffic methods and a very powerful     Blog Strategy which in the beginning can generate 50-100+ visitors per day to your Blog.


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