5 Steps To Create A Powerful Squeeze page That Converts 40% More!

A Squeeze Page which can also be knowns as a “Lead Capture Page” is usually a one page website designed to achieve one purpose and only one purpose – to squeeze out contact details from the visitor to the website. It is able to do this by raising the curiosity of the person who lands on that page or watching the video on his or her screen. The Squeeze Page must have a definite focussed call-to-action and must have an opt-in form where the visitors enter their details.

Now, your main target is to create a Squeeze page that converts. Follow these Steps to create a powerful converting one.

You Need An Autoresponder: 

The aim of creating a squeeze page is to build a list. There is no other way to do this without an autoresponder. An autoresponder is that indispensable magic tool that takes care of your mailing problems while you sleep. It first receives those who come in through the squeeze page and continues to send emails as you had already predetermined it to do. You should find one that is easy to use, and gives you the opportunity to create customizable web-forms. It must also allow you to make unlimited marketing campaigns, and on top of that it must provide tracking analytical tools to enable you split-test each of your Squeeze Pages.



It is for a great purpose that I said in the beginning that your squeeze page must have an “opt-in form.” Before the visitors can release their all important name and email address to your form, there should be a set of convicing and compelling statements which you must provide. That is the “call-to-action.” For example, “Download ‘Our Free Exclusive Report On How to Get 100 Visitors A Day.’ Just enter your details below to download it Instantly.”

3. You Need A “Give Away”

The internet is has many scam programs of which people are aware. Therefore, for visitors to willingly give their contact details, they need to be “bribed” with a free valuable offer. This can come in the form of an ebook, a software, a video or chapters from a book. This solid free information motivates your visitors to respond to the “call-to-action” to complete the opt-in form. Make sure your e-book or videos are specific to the niche you are promoting.

4. Attention Grabbing Bullets:

Prepare your visitors emotionally. Give some bullet points why they must give their details. About three to five specific advantages about your offer can prepare them for action. These pieces of information must be attention grabbing and niche specific.

5. Graphics.

A picture speaks a thousand words. So make use of graphics to add not only beauty but also to grab more attention.

6. Bonus Point:

Asure and reassure your visitors that their email addresses are safe in your hands. Boldly print below the squeeze page something like this:

“Your email address will NEVER be given to any 3rd party. I HATE Spam just like You!”


Now, take this free eBook to serve as Your Give away

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