4 Ways To Make Sure Your Affiliate Commssions Are Paid!

It is believed that the fastest and easiest way to start a business online is to market products and services as an affiliate. Who is an affiliate? You are an affiliate if you are the person who does the selling and get paid when a sale is made. It is the online version of a commissioned salesperson offline.

This kind of marketing online has many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • No Creation Of products: You actually do no not worry your head about what product to create and how to create it.
  • No need for a Merchant Account in order to collect payments
  • You don’t have to worry about Customer Services and the dreaded problem of returned goods!
  • You’re free to choose from thousands of products to promote

The beauty and simplicity of it all is that you only sell and get paid. But that’s where the danger is lurking. There are some hidden problems you have to surmount and it will be to your good if you know them in advance so as to device strategies to overcome them. This is to make sure your affiliate commissions are paid. Let us give only four ways by which you can make sure your commissions are paid.


Most companies have certain rules concerning payment of commissions and will not budge until these rules have been met. It is your responsibility as an affiliate to learn about these rules and policies and act accordingly if you want to be paid. The mere fact that these rules and Terms Of Service (TOS) are buried in fine print is no defence. Take Clickbank as an example and study their TOS. Do you know, for example, that Clickbank will only pay you when you have earned a certain amount of commission or have had a certain number of sales?


Once again, read the fine print to know exactly when to expect payment. Do you know, for example that most online sellers wait until after their refund period (of about 60 days) is over before they pay their affiliates? So in actual fact, you may be paid about 75 days after a sale is made. Therefore it is appropriate to know when you will be paid before you get excited about promoting any product or service.


A cookie, as you may know already, is a little file that is placed on the computer of the person who clicks your affiliate link. The affiliate program must identify you to know that it’s you who’s making the sale. You must know how long this cookie will last. While some programs can offer life-time cookies, others can offer 60 day cookies or whatever. My piece of advice is be sure you know the cookie policy of your program.


Lifetime Commissions are paid as long as the company is in business, and if your link is still valid and sending buyers. It is important to note this very well because if your ads are clicked some months after you’ve put them up your deserved commission should be paid.

Promoting a product is no easy a task; you must, therefore, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure you do not get denied what you earned simply because you did not follow the TOS. For a hassle-free product to promote, your best bet is to read Product Review



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