Easy List Building: The Journey Begins!


As we discussed in our previous posts on Easy List Building The First Step and The Smart Start, you need certain basic tools to be able to build a list. We stressed the importance of having a list, without which you can as well forget about making any consistent sales online. Therefore there is no business to talk about.

The most important tool that we mentioned is the Autoresponder! Now having installed the Autoresponder and loaded it with your messages, the actual journey begins.

The next tool is the FREE Give Aways. Now, the question is how can a free give away let you build a list. In other words, can you build a list giving away Free stuff? Certainly, yes. And it is that simple!

“Free” is the most powerful word in advertising. Any seasoned marketer, knowing well the power behind the word,“Free” exploits that marketing concept by giving prospective leads exactly what they want. You must have already noticed that in every turn, there is someone offering a free membership, a free report, a free 7 or 30 day Free trial, Free advertising and all the etceteras.

Now, that is the bait. When you want that free thing, you have to sign up for it. And, presto! you automatically become a lead, or a subscriber or a prospect. You have put yourself on his list! You have gone in through the front door right onto his Autoresponder and the preloaded messages begin to flow to you.

That begins the relationship between you and the marketer. That, in a nutshell, is how the in-house list is compiled.

It is important to stress that with so many Free stuff flowing all over the place, your offer should be of high value to be able to beat the competition.

The Seasoned marketers have several websites where they give out freebies much to the disadvantage of the beginner who may not have a website or quality free give-aways.

The solution is to become the affiliate of an established marketer through whom you can promote their products.

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