2 Proven Ways For Getting Free Traffic To Your Blog Or Website!

Website traffic is the life blood of any website online, especially in the “Make Money Online” Niche. In this niche, you are there to make money and the only way you can do so is to have a horde of visitors to your website. It follows, therefore, that the more visitors you get the more money you make. In other words if a blog does not derive traffic from any source, the blogger may get tired and weary of the blog and close it down or decline in feeding it with posts.


Various sources and methods there are to get this all important traffic to your blog, but for the purpose of this article, let us look at only two prominent and free methods.

#1 Article Marketing:

The best source of traffic so far is the one known as “organic” traffic. This traffic is called as such because it originates from visitors who search using one search engine or the other. This means that they are already interested in your topic and are deliberately searching for it. So, if your site is loved by the search engines, that is, if you have your site properly optimized for the search engines, they too  will in turn send traffic to your blog or website. This means that you are found on the front page of the search engines and  anybody looking for information as most internet user are wont to do, your site quickly pops up and the one looking for the information, i.e. this valuable organic or targeted traffic will come to your site.

That being so, it becomes your bounden duty to learn the art of writing balanced articles with search engines and human readers in  mind. This is what is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. These are articles written around certain key words.


You can achieve this by doing a thorough research and look for keywords with low competitions and/or long tail keywords with little or no competition so that when you write articles around these keywords it will be easier for your blog to rank high for these keywords. That way, your article or post comes up on page 1 of the search engines and you easily get much traffic from search engines.


# 2. Social Networking & Sharing Communities!

The Internet has grown wide with a lot of social networking sites that millions of people are raving about these days. For example, Facebook is reputed to have over a billion people on its network. Another network of popularity is the Twitter which can boast of about 500 people. There are also Google+ and LinkedIn. These sites being populated by various users across the wide world web, there is no doubt that they can be very good sources of website traffic. The only thing now is to understand their use and perfect the application of each one to your direct benefit of generating traffic to your site.


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