Multilevel Marketing: Why Does It Not Work For Most People?

One program that comes quite often online is the Network Program, otherwise known as Multilevel Marketing, or MLM for short. The MLM potential is claimed to be huge and reports are spread before your eyes wherever you move online, especially in the Make Money Online niche. The sales pages are quite replete with all the enticements:They tell you to recruit just three referrals, and if they get three who also get three, then you’ll be making a six figure income just within a few short weeks. There is nothing wrong with the math nor is the idea difficult to comprehend. Everything sounds perfect but trouble looms in the corner.


In practice, however, if you join and begin to recruit, you’ll discover to your chagrin that it’s much, much more difficult than you had bargained for. You struggle to get people to join under you only to see them quit within a short time. You fight harder still  to get more people to join, and most of them quit too. “What’s happening?” you ask yourself. You begin to wonder whether the Sales Page was really talking about Multilevel Marketing or Multilevel Monkeys who just jump here and there!

The answer is simple:

These new members don’t stay simply because they are not making any money.


It has been realized that individually, we can achieve little. That is why many people join Teams so that with collective effort and guidance, they can achieve more.

 This Is Your Solution.

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